Introductions are in order! I’m a Resto/Feral Druid on Gilneas, by the name of Alienea. The header is me tanking the lvl60 raid version of Ony, back before she was brought in as an 80 raid. This blog is probably going to mutate- but right now it’s just talking about restobear druids and things I think help. I’m perfectly fine with people telling me I’m doing it all wrong, as long as they can tell me how to fix it and why it is wrong, not “omg why do you have X gems you needz teh Y gems!”

SO, I was driven to lead my first raid a few days ago. Nobody was starting raids, so I figured I’d have to. It was easy, just OS10, no drakes. Me and my little group breeze through, and I begin to think that it’s not like herding cats, until…. Handing out loot. I link everything so people don’t have to crowd around. (Please people, it’s just annoying. I know it’s less of a problem on the big dragon bosses, but on the smaller boss that 10-25 can make me lose by standing on/near them, you need to not do that.) And then a mage goes and rolls, as far as I can tell, randomly on nothing. I think nothing of it, maybe they were just testing their luck… Then I said Roll Satchel of Spoils. Well, 2 people tied out of 4-5 rollers and one of them yielded to the other, easy enough–I gave it to the winner, when the mage types in “My roll was on the Satchel” I sit here going `? Huh? Dude, I hadn’t said to roll. When he sees it went to someone else, he starts griping and moaning and saying I suck, and I ask the others what they think- and all the others think it is fair, he didn’t roll when he was supposed to, he should’ve rerolled when I said to roll. So I go on, and ask people to roll on Dragon Hide bag. I hand it to the highest roller when the mage says “you didn’t win that. Highest roll doesn’t win.” She gets all confused, and everyone else goes again, dude, you rolled too early, stop being an @$$hole!. So then we get to something I can use, and I roll, I get a 22 or 26 against the mage’s 5,(it was a tier token), but then he rolls again. He gets a 95. People begin to go “WTF dude? She won it, don’t roll again when that doesn’t change anything.” This puts me off raiding, it really does, although I as happy to see the support from the others, who I’d never seen before. But putting me off raiding is….bad, to say the least, because I need my Ulduar10 gear. Or at least Naxx 25. Badly. -sigh- And then he whispers me, saying “omfg, you are a terribad raid leader” I whisper back that I’m sorry he feels that way, and, well, ugh, he whispers back “Well you should feel really bad that you let a priest out-heal you anyways.” Hmm… I was raid heals and he was on the tank. The tank was taking more damage than the raid since they were all nice enough to stay out of the “OMG FLAMING WALLS OF DEATH!”. No matter what I did, guess what? I wouldn’t have healed as much when there wasn’t as much to heal. God. I logged, muttered angrily in a corner, and went to join family. I even said I was open to constructive criticism…. but noooooo. You have to flame me, mage. Oh well. I hope you are happy :’-(

In separate news–Alienea has been brutally turkeyed even though she is not a rogue. Revenge was taken by turning the offender into a bunny.