Actually, I’m just switching to a new computer. That’s going to take a day or two more, but in the mean time, Alienea shares this tidbit of wisdom with you:


Healers, unless the tank will die if you don’t get a heal on them, move out of the bad stuff. Druids? You should have HoTs on your tank and swiftmend, so you don’t have this excuse. If they die, dump aggro and rebirth them.
–Put HoTs on tank, keep them on at all times. Now, assuming you’ve done this, the following checklist.
1. Is the tank going to die if you don’t cast a heal? Yes? then move to step 2 and it had better have been spike damage doing that. If not, move to step 5
2. Swiftmend and do step 5. Is swiftmend down? Move to step 3.
3. Are you doing to die if you stay in it long enough to cast Regrowth/Nourish? Then go to step 5, if not go to step 4
4. Cast Regrowth/Nourish and then get out of it and heal your tank up. WG them to help the melee that refused to move out of it. If they still don’t, let them eat floor and don’t strain yourself to help the melee, especially if they have been told to get out of it, and they should know not to stay in stuff on the floor unless told to do so. Ranged shouldn’t encounter as much and should move also, but it they don’t, rejuv them and then let them eat floor if they stay in it, same as melee. All need to learn.

TANKS! The healers would rather not have to heal you through that when there is ALWAYS! ALWAYS! A melee or ranged dps who refuses to move. We need to help them, without worrying you’ll be telling us whether the floor really tastes of chocolatey goodness, as we try not to find out. So please, please… move out of it.

DPS! Move out of it. The momentary loss of your dps is better than dying, and hurting the group, not to mention your gear, because you refused to move out of the BAD STUFF.

Now, tanks. Of course we always move out of the bad stuff. But when you have time on your hands, try to help the healers out by popping your cooldowns when big spike damage comes. I do this by using survival instincts if I get low, because then my healer is not going “AHHHHHHHHH HEALTH IS SO LOW MUST RISK OWN LIFE FOR THE TANK!” Of course, some of them shadowmeld and let us wipe. That is recommended when it’s been called a wipe and your gear is about to break, but not before then. And of course, be willing to pop innv on the healer if it won’t kill you. If it will kill you, then it’s just not helping, but you can ask them to come closer and you’ll trade them a mana pot or something similar.

Thank you,

P.S. I made this post on my iPod for those wondering. Very annoying -.-