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RIGHT! ONYXIA! It’s a sad thing if PuGs wipe on her, because 10/25 Onyxia is on farm for everyone. She was on farm the day she came out.

I’ve never been Mt on Onyxia, so I cannot give you advice there. 30k health is, apparently, not enough to tank her, but I’m not so sure. Oh well. Feralbear druids, spam your swipe button if you are on the whelps. Spam spam spam spam, because the dps are all going to be on different whelps or AoEing. OH the adds, it’s a tank and spank unless our group doesn’t have the dps to get the adds down before another one comes to you, in which case you are not going to have a very good time. They’re a basic tank and spank, except for their AoE attack, which dps especially should run away from.

Healer info after the break. (Lunch time yay!)

Yeah, yeah. The break took a while. But, hey… My computer decided it couldn’t handle secure connections. But now, I can continue/

Healers, specifically resto druids, you should be happy with Ony. When you’re on raid, you shouldn’t have to do anything in Phase One unless you have people standing in front of her(usually a 1HKO) or if you have a ‘lock lifetapping. Or whatever they call that spell that converts life to mana, I’m not a warlock, I don’t know. However, in phase 2, you’re going to be running between the melee (on adds/whelps) and ranged(always on Ony, as far as I can tell). Hopefully you have 2 raid healers, because there’s ALWAYS someone in the very back and someone in the very front, so you can’t position yourself halfway and only move a bit. Phase 3, blanket rejuv and cast nourish/regrowth if people dip lower than 90-95% health. If you’re REALLY lucky, you’ll be able to keep everyone at 100% because you’ll have a nice grouping, but with the fear she casts, it is highly unlikely that that will happen.

P.S. Sorry for taking so long to re-update… I was tired and lunch took forever -.-