Random Dungeon Tool:

I’ve had a good time with it. I haven’t gotten bad PuGs, ninja PuGs, no no no. Only good PuGs. You may be amazed now, but I think I just haven’t used it enough. Eventually, I’ll find the group where I /facepalm and toy with the idea of dropping. My druid actually hasn’t gotten much out of it except for badges, gold, and a ring she vendored. My shaman, however, has leveled and run out of rested experience, so she’s sitting around in Ironforge, having trained her new spells. Maybe she’ll get played some more today/tomorrow. However, whenever I enter as a healer/tank, what I invariably have to do is tank. So I switch off, tank to heals to tank to heals with different dungeons being run. The same was true on the PTR: enter as tank, you’re going to have to tank. Now, my advice for healers and tanks. Druids.

Tanks: be prepared to tell the dps that if they are pulling in the first few seconds, to back off. If they don’t, then >=( and tell them again. 3rd time, let them die. I’m going to put in a diagram here. (rummages around looking for how to add picture) …Once I figure out how, I will. But basically, be very cranky. CRANKY TANK. Always check that it really was their fault, however. Never good to falsly accuse someone!

Healers: Be prepared for the bad PuGs who stand in fire and stuff. Heal them when you can, but the priority chart here is:
Tank/if tank is about to die and it can’t be stopped you(healer)
High dps/if tank is about die and it can’t be stopped highest health dps
Medium dps
Low dps
Blanket rejuv if you have to (and their are some fights were you’ll likely have to–new dungeons while people are learning them, for one–) And if you keep on wiping and you’re giving out your best heals, then you should politely ask why do people think you’re wiping so much.

Now for something completely different.

I have a devart, and I posted on something of Bellwether’s.(her blog: http://4haelz.blogspot.com/) She responded. <=D made me happy. She was first resto druid blogger I read, which made me think I could try it, even if I went tank and healer. And now I’ve got to toddle off and have dinner. And finish up my paper. And….etc.