With haste changes, I have been pushed back (AGAIN) from the soft haste cap -.- . I have… (runs off to check) wait, dang, I logged in feral gear! Well, I have 151 haste in feral XD I’ll have to log on later and check my haste in restoration. But I’m going to be shifting my gems around, partially because I have (zomg) straight intellect gems from when I actually needed them. Sad, no? I’ll be shifting those out, getting a few +Sp+Haste gems and a few +SP gems. I also currently have Insightful Earthsiege Diamond and I want to switch that out for Ember Skyflare Diamond. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll shuffle my gems AGAIN! But I seriously needed to overhaul my gems anyways, and I have a few I can ask the resident guild jewelcrafter to cut into epics. I’ve even got uncut gems for nummmmmy spellpower. What more do I want in life? I’m going to take a look at my feral spec and overhaul that also. I’m currently at….well, bad haste.


Your regular post has interrupted in favor of linking this : http://www.wowarmory.com/character-achievements.xml?r=Gilneas&cn=Alienea&gn=Dark+Company  I GOT THROUGH ALL OF TOC 25 MAN IN A PUG. Admittedly, it was mostly a guild run by Martyr. I got no trophies, but my resto spec got an overhaul and 2 new pieces of gear! I should’ve only gotten one, but the only other druid in the group had also won something so we both rolled. And then she tried to guilt me -.- If I hadn’t been pondering in /g to let her have it, I would’ve been overwhelmed by guilt. <sigh>. But… I was amazed. Sure, we did no hardmodes, but with 3/4 a guild and 1/4 PuGs, only wiping 2-3 times is amazing. I went the entire run thinking ‘omg they are going to say I suck any minute now.’ But I collected my orbs on the Val’kyr, and except on the wipes no more than 3 people would be down. Now if only no one had needed Misery’s End…. but congrats to Grievous for winning it =D. So we get shiny achievements, a sense of well-being, and an increasing need to get a Violet Proto-Drake