Every now and then, the older(46+) generation is good with computers. Even rarer, the 46+ year-old  who plays World of Warcraft. But recently, my mother has decided to use a blog to educate people. I urge this in the hope that someday, she will become truly comfortable with technology, even if she can’t operate  World of Warcraft, and she wouldn’t survive 15 seconds in a raid. She at least knows how to use an IPhone, and she can always fall back on my dad. And yet, even after I help her with her blog, there will be another problem, and if I’m not available, my father doesn’t know how to blog either. How many of you have actually taught your parents how to operate something after they need help on it? After all, otherwise the same thing will happen again and again.

There is, however, a rare case of P.E.C, or Parent Electronic Competency. When this happens they are often in an electronics-oriented job, and they  still cannot surpass a 6-year old on an IPhone. They can program, they can engineer, but they fail at the simpler tasks, and at some games, mostly MMOs, RPGs, and RTS’. Just think how complex an MMORPG would be for them.

So we end up with not that many old people in World of Warcraft. The Alliance side often loses the maturity that could be gained from such an influx of older, more mature people. They are just confounded by electronics, and they retreat into their shell of “In my day we didn’t have…” to make up for why they cannot use such an article. How much is lost from their skills of patience, of analyzing, that they had to learn when they were our age? So, have you taught your parent something today?