Once a druid was almost at the haste cap. She strived for the one second global cooldown, and she had almost reached it. She had haste gems socketed in and some haste from her gear, but then patch 3.3 dropped… and lo, the haste cap was suddenly much higher! And there was much gnashing of bark and wailing of one tree, for suddenly much more haste was required! And she still strived for haste, and bemoaned the fact that the upgrades that dropped for her had nigh on no haste, but much spellpower, and she now had so much spellpower that it was pouring out of her bark. She bought more haste gems, and got the guild jewelcrafter to work on getting the recipe so that she would only have to buy the raw, uncut gems. But haste still avoided her, and she beat the wall of the Dalaran bank in frustration. The new 5-man dungeons never popped up for her as a random heroic, and therefore no lovely nummy hastey items were gotten. She wailed in frustration as her heals landed just to late, and she haunted the auction house for the recipe so that the guild jewelcrafter could make epic haste gems. To this day, if you listen careful around the bank and the auction houses, and even sometimes in dungeons after someone dies, you can hear the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, and of an ent, sobbing softly as more people die.