So on friday night, I had a bit of spare time and popped onto my druid, planning on getting some random heroics and raids done. I did every boss up to the gates of Ulduar except Razorscale, and I got a pretty trinket, finally earning me the achievement Epic. Then I opened he random heroic dungeon finder, figuring I need those 2 frost badges. I got the Old Kingdom as my PuG, and the first time some speaks…. “(insert french here)”. So I wandered through the heroic clueless until we wiped because I was trying to find a translator app at the same time as healing. So then I tabbed over to a french translator and ran through “I’m sorry, my fault. Also, I don’t speak french.” I copy/paste that and got “Oh, we all understand english, we’re just making jokes about our gay friend.” So I sighed and facepalmed myself and had a happy run. Then I open up the dungeon finder again, figuring it can’t be any worse than a french group.

WRONG. I get the group of chinese speaking people! But hey, I know a bit of chinese, or at least enough to stumble through “I’m sorry, I only speak a little bit of chinese.” So after fumbling around for the tone mark alt keys, I type that up and get a flood of chinese in return, but I pick through it and find the words “mei wen ti”. That means No problem. So I actually have a nice group while I decipher bits and pieces of what they are saying. But how is this worse? Because I CAN make out bits and pieces of what they’re saying, and my paranoia section is having lots of fun going “Omg they are all saying I am a bad healer AHHHHHHHH!!!!!” But then my cousin arrived and introduced me to small furry animals nomming food on youtube, and all was good. NOM-NOM-NOM NOM-NOM-NOM NOM!!!!