In a few months, what is known to guilds as “The Summer Boss” will roll around and suck raiders out of their schedules and make them despair for pushing ahead in raids. AND THAT IS WHEN I HOPE TO STRIKE. I’m hoping to have gotten good enough gear by that point to join a guild for summer(while making sure they know that) and then heading back to my friend guild when school starts back up. I’m tempted to make an application on a forum, see if I can get accepted, and then slip away after I get accepted/declined. But that wouldn’t be right. -gck- Not even sure if that would work.. But heyla, guilds usually want MOAR PLAYERS in the summer, so I help them out of….the goodness of my heart because I love helping people I want pretty purple shinies! I still need to suck more of my friends into WoW…Some year Dark Company will have 10 people who can raid! Now if only I could find people who I would want to be friends with that would play WoW and not suck. Eh, details!

..I might do a post about my UI. Addons. Things.