My UI, labeled.

My feral UI consists of Omen and Recount.

1. X-perl, my greatest friend! It gives me so many details about people, and it sparkles. I don’t use its raid frames, though.

Power Auras——

2. The green runes tell me when my mana dips below 50%. When this happens, I cast Innervate.

3. The red smoke tells my I can cast rebirth.

4. The blue water drop tells me I can cast Innervate.


5. Grid! The boxes can tell me when HoTs are on a target (Lifebloom, Rejuv, Regrowth, Wild Growth, even the priest HoT!) Besides that, a person’s name box will fill up as they take damage, telling me to HEAL them (and also indicate the amount it will heal them, which x-perl also does).

Power Auras——-

6. The blue dragon tells me when my Nature’s Swiftness is up

7. The Pink dragon tells me when Wild Growth is up.


8. Recount, which is useful for figuring out why a raid or 5-man has wiped. Also good for killing people’s ego when they post fake numbers.

9a. Omen (not up). Used to heal the tank if I have to, and tell me I’m keeping aggro in Bear Form.

9b. DBM (Deadly Boss Mods, not up) Tells me all the quirks of bosses, even if I need to update it for ICC.

I’m going to get Bartender at some point while also picking up an herbalism helper whose name I have sadly forgotten (so I need to find again on Curse) to keep track of herbalism nodes while grinding it to 450.