Q u o t e:

  • Tree of Life is changing from a passive talent to a cooldown-based talent, similar to Metamorphosis. Mechanically, it feels unfair for a druid to have to give up so much offense and utility in order to be just as good at healing as the other classes who are not asked to make that trade. We are exploring the exact benefit the druid gets from Tree of Life. It could strictly be better healing, or it could be that each heal behaves slightly different. You also will not be able to be banished in Tree of Life form (this will probably be true of Metamorphosis as well). Additionally, we would like to update the Tree of Life model so that it feels more exciting when you do decide to go into that form. Our feeling is that druids rarely actually get to show off their armor, so it would be nice to have at least one spec that looked like a night elf or tauren (and soon troll or worgen) for most of the time.

  • No. Just NO. Please say you’re kidding, please say that this as all some cruel joke. I love my tree of life form! People can look at it and say that I’m a healer! Don’t make it a stupid gimmick. We don’t need to be able to use damage spells. We’re healing. We need our mana to HEAL. And-and other druid forms can’t see their armor, and you’re targeting my tree form? People complain about the big bear butts more! if you take away our, well, not-so-pretty form, we’re a regular person who can’t heal as well and have had our iconic symbol taken away. We will become broken inside! We have our niche, and after Ghostcrawler saying that you’re happy where we are, why are you taking away our non-broken, fun, iconic ability? Why?


    Just change the model if you want it to look cooler. But at least give me a choice. I think this is stupid, and when I’m not so angry about this I’ll compose a list of whys. In the meantime, Bellwether or 4haelz has done a very good job of listing why we should NOT have it on a cooldown.