(special abilities have been requested and have now been added)


So. This idea has been rattling around in my head. I’m going to make myself into a raid boss. One of those multiple boss fights that everyone HATES. And I’m sticking my friend’s chars in it. Health numbers were gotten by dividing up Ony’s health into 3 pieces and adjusted for squishyness. Someday Soon™ a shaman guide part 1 will come out, but until then…. >=D

Boss name: Alienea the Crazy/Grievous the Serene/Akomar the Logical

Alienea the Crazy:

Lvl ?? Druid boss.

1,626,916 health 10 man/7,437,333k 25man

1.1 million mana


Rejuvenation, ticks for 5.5k (needs to be stolen or dispelled)

Bear/Cat forms. Cannot be dispelled, will only go away after X amount of damage.

Cat::: Rip, Mangle, Faerie Fire. Rip will last for 6 seconds, Mangle for 20 and Faerie Fire for 15. They will act just like druid forms of the moves, except they will deal MOAR damage.

Bear::: Lacerate(stackable to 5, need 2 tanks to switch off because at 5 it will deal around  3,000 damage per 5.) Mangle, Maul and a 180 degree Swipe(necessitating facing me away from the raid)

Grievous the Serene:

Lvl ?? Priest boss.

4.5 million mana

1,226,000 health 10 man/4,100,132k 25man


Renew: heals for 3000-4000 per tick (10 ticks) . Needs to be dispelled/stolen.

Power Word: Shield ::Same as Priest Power Word: Shield except it will absorb up to 15k damage. Can be dispelled but not stolen.

Shadow Word: Pain ::Same as Priest one, but cast on random raid member and deals 3-4k damage per tick.

Smite: Deals 5-6k to a tank with no holy resistance.

(ohgodwhatshouldIdo-) Final Sacrifice: Acting somewhat like a paladin’s DI, this spell is activated upon death and heals the raid boss’ health back up to 90%. Grievous then DIES.

And, of course…. Mind Control! Controls a player for 15 seconds. They will attack the 10th person on the threat meters.

Akomar the Logical:

Level ?? Mage boss.

4.3 million mana

1,311,000 health 10 man/5,437,296k 25man


Arcane Explosion: This will be a channeled, non-interupptable attack that he will call out.

He will also rotate through the standard 2-button rotation that the real Akomar has showed me.

Arcane Blast-Arcane Blast-Arcane Blast- 50% chance for Arcane Blast again, if not, then Arcane Missiles.-Arcane Missiles if not already cast, and then it starts over. Non of that is disruptable.

Every 5-10 seconds, he’ll launch a glob of fire into the air. If it lands on someone, then they will gain the debuff “Dalaran Fire” and will have to run away from everyone else to stop it from spreading. Deals 5-6 k per 3seconds. You SHOULD be able to run away from it as it will be announced as a green circle on the floor.

Kill order: Grievous, Alienea, Akomar (easy) Alienea Grievous Akomar (Hard). If you leave Grievous or Alienea last, then they will get angry and rez the others. The strat for killing us will be posted later.