I made the lol!diagram? myself.

Raid Enters Room:

Alienea: Can I have a table, Akomar?
Akomar: -sighes- Sure.

(Begins to conjure and then notices raid)

Akomar: Tsk, more people to kill us.

Alienea: Well, poot.

Alienea cackles maniacally

Alienea: We’ll just have to kill them!

Grievous: Regrettable, but necessary indeed.

Akomar: Must I spam 2 buttons again?

Grievous dies

Grievous: I’ll.. see you… again.

Akomar: Oh, how annoying.

Alienea: Grievous! No!

Alienea dies

Alienea: Curses… avenge us… Akomar….

Here is the LOL!DIAGRAM? for how to kill us.

Lol diagram!

<=D? Now let me get back to studying for finals because my 15min break is almost up.