Catacylsm beta is supposedly… Soon™. Woooo I really hope I get in. -racks bruised brain for ideas- garble! UH… so hey, druids get some pretty cool quests with their bear, aquatic, and epic flight forms. Bear, we get a mini-one-way-only mage (Teleport:Moonglade). We also get to visit a bear spirit. That’s got to be one of the cooler quests for classes in WoW.The Shaman sidequests are also really cool, and I’ll probably do a write-up on them. BUT. Back to bear quest. We’re sent to and from quite a bit, but we also get to talk to a BEAR SPIRIT and have it tell us about strength and courage, and how bear form embodies strength, etc.

For the aquatic form, you have to gather flower-baubles from the lake and trek all the way down to WESTFALL to get a special half-a-pendant. Back in the days before this quest was no longer something you had to do and there was no boat to Stormwind (But I’ll still recommend doing it) you had to get to Ironforge and Stormwind by going through Menethil Harbor, running through the level 20-30 mobs to Ironforge, taking the tram to Stormwind, and then running to Westfall. You really needed an hour of your life set aside to do it. But it was crazy-fun to do. Of course, after you’d run your butt off, if you hadn’t grabbed the half-pendant from Darkshore you’d be facepalming. Luckily, I remembered. Fun times, really.

And ahhhhh, Epic Flight form quest, how I hate and love thee. It was… mildly annoying at first. “Go pick flowers” “Go get this moonstone” ‘EEEHEHEH GOBLIN STEAL MOONSTONE YOU FOLLOW AND GET BLOWN UP!’ Although… the goblin chase through Azshara was fun. “Go kill all the enslaved bird spirits.” Although that was after “Go to this tauren in Nagrand and tame a bird for her to carry messages”. Then I FINALLY got to kill the Raven Lord, Anzu. Oh yeah, I also had to mess around in the barrows. It was a freakishly long, love/hate quest chain. But dang, it was full of lore and I had fun with it.