You might be saying: “But Alienea, you’re a druid! Gnommers can’t be druids!” And yes, that is true. But I ❤ Mechanostriders. Those polluting, noisy, clanking metal birds. So I’m grinding up the rep, bit by bit, to get to exalted. I’m 2/3 of the way through revered, and grinding runecloth, (you see, the AH prices are ridiculous and I’m poor after buying my red drake), but darnit it’ll be worth it! One of my friends has acted like I’m crazy when I say I like mechanostriders. I was a little baby druid running around Duskwood and she’d brought her baby mage out. Her mage was level 41 or something, and it had a mechanostrider. I was in the high 20’s range of levels, and back in those days we got our mounts at 40/60/70, not 20/30/60 or whatever crazy thing they use these days, gol-darnit. I said something along the lines of ‘Ooo, that’s really cool, I like it.’ She responded with something like ‘Are you crazy? I hate this nasty noisy metal bird. I wish I could use anything else!’ So I mumbled something about how I thought it was cool and we continued on our merry way, and I got beaten up by Stitches later. I think it was around then I acquired a 2nd stalker, although at that point he was just a nice in-game friend. It was later he turned into a stalker. -waves at stalker, realizes he hasn’t been on in a while, check the armory, finds a ring from PoS, shrugs and remembers that there’s no way he could know about the blog- So, here I am, grinding runecloth. I also dusted off my hunter and you might get a post about either: “omg, I REMEMBER why I abandoned her now!” or “Oh hai LFG it’s not so bad now.” Also, I just realized what with patch 3.3.5 or whatever coming and all, I could probably get rep that way. But haha no. FOR METAL BIRDS!