I was in Wailing Caverns. I quickly got lost and ran in circles before realizing what I was doing. Cave Madness quickly set in, and I began to talk to dead mobs. You know you’re in trouble when you begin to do that. Luckily, I had a wonderful guildie with me, and she kited the final boss to me and we killed him. But pffffft wailing caverns and upper/lower blackrock spire, I get lost in those sooo easily. Now, I had a forged seal of ascension in my bags, and no one was on, so I hoped on a boat and then on a gryphon to the searing gorge. I ran up into Blackrock Spire, and I tried to hand in my seal after soloing what I needed to. Vaelen refused to talk. So I went online, looked up what I needed, and tried again. He refused to talk. This is my tale.