I’ve covered Resto talents here with minor edits here.

So it’s time for Mastery, with a tentative spec to level with 80-85, and a raiding spec for 85. (But in a different post)

Mastery and how it will effect you, leveling 80-85:

Healing:Increases all your healing spell by a percentage. With my leveling spec, this gives you a base 8.95% healing increase. To use some small numbers, a heal which would land for 100 would instead land for +108.95. Yes, this is underwhelming, but in Cataclysm we will be healing for more than 40k. A Bandage will heal for 40k over 8 seconds.  So say a Rejuvenation ticks for 100k, or 100,000. That’s an extra 8,950 health that we might need and heals for more than a non-HoTted Nourish now.

Initial Impact: Underwhelming.

Grade: B/B+

Meditation: Grants a percentage of your out-of-combat mana regeneration from Spirit while in combat. 55.92% with my leveling spec. So in a desert of ‘OOM’, we will be granted a small oasis which could be easily played out. I am not a number person, so I’m not entirely sure how to apply the numbers here. Will we get  1) almost 60% of  the mana regeneration we gain from Spirit, or 2) will we take almost 60% from regular OOC mana regeneration? #1 Seems more likely here, therefore I will give it a huzzah and a few claps.

Initial Impact: Oh, cool.

Grade: A/A-

Deep Healing: Increases the potency of your HoTs by up to a percentage, based on the current health level of your target. (lower health targets are healed for more). *blink* *blink* 22.4% with my leveling spec. Um, *blink* what? You… want our HoTs to be overwritten and wasted? Um, okay. Point me towards the door, I guess. Well, Lifebloom and Wild Growth will benefit from this. When someone’s low on health, your HoTs will be healing them for more and if you have fast, strengthened HoTs, this is almost all good. There will still be the overwhelming danger of “AHHH YOU JUST MADE ME WASTE MY HOTS NOOOO”.

Initial Impact: Ugh, fine. Situational, Teamworkish Mastery. Okay.

Grade: C+ (Overwritttteeennnnn)