Healing Touch and You: A Guide for the Future and Now (Finally)

Wrath of the Lich King Healing Touch (Rank 15): Heals a friendly target for 3750 to 4428. 33% base mana, 3 sec cast time and 40yd range.

Okay. Nice healing, but somewhat costly and slow. Due to this and few other factors, once you hit 80, Healing Touch is patted on the back, told “it was nice with working with ya, buddy, maybe you can come do some projects with Nature’s Swiftness everyone now and then, she’s a nice gal, but we have to let you go” and sent out the door. Are you in the process of doing this? STOP STOP DON’T DO IT YET!!! BAD! The glyph is frankly not worth it if you want HT to still be your big, NS+HT oh GAH HEALZNOWDOITDOIT savior. And yet… and yet… Healing Touch can be pretty useful anyways.

If you’ve got the mana to spare, and you’ve got the time to heal the tank/dps/person, and s/he does need that health… then HT him/her. Nono, hush, do it. It’ll cost less than a rejuv/nourish/nourish/nourish or rejuv/regrowth/nourish/nourish. In the first scenario, Nourishx3=72% base mana. Gosh! 72-33=39. So, you’ve saved yourself 39% of your base mana! Woot woot. In the second scenario, Rejuv/Regrowth/Nourishx2=83% of your base mana, 83-33=50. So You’ve saved yourself EVEN MORE MANA! YAY! And once you have enough haste to make it around a two second cast or less, than it even takes you less time. So, why aren’t people using it?

People don’t use HT because it’s not what’s done. Gosh. When you’re a low level, and that’s really all you’ve got, than yes, fine, you can use it according to the big general population. But when you get to 80, Healing Touch is not really used. It’s stuck into a box until we need to use nature’s swiftness with it. This must STOP, fellow druids! One guild killed Anub with a glyphed HT! While I don’t really recommend the glyph, if it fits your place, go for it. But no matter what type of druid you are… dust off Healing Touch. Get to know it a bit better. Renew your old friendship with it. Go forth and do so.