So, I need something to talk about, therefore, IceHud!

IceHud: Displays a Health, Mana/Energy/Rage bar. Health is on the left, Mana/Energy/Rage is on the right. If you’re a kitty/bear druid, you can also see your mana while having an energy/rage bar up there also. Targeting someone adds bars to the outside of your bars, showing their health and M/E/R. (Mer…Mer… Mermaid. Sheep.) It also shows a cast bar for your casts inside your health bar. All this is wonderful information for a healer or a tank or a dps. Why? It also shows your targets buff and debuffs. So instead of glancing up to the target frame and back down, you can have the information very close to your cast bar.

See? The tiny bars are my pet, the big green one and the mana bar, which you can’t really see against iceblock, kinda of squint, and my enemy’s Health outside of my health bar and their energy outside of my mana. Also, you can see the debuff Hunter’s Mark and what you get when carrying Aliance flag. All that information at your finger tips. Is so pretty =D

easier to see mana bar….

And overall awesomeness.

I turned 49 in this screeny… which is why I took it… but, um, um looky, see the yellow bar on the inside? That’s the cast bar, and the icon underneath the lower green-yellow bar (enemy’s health) is their buffs. And you can see all this in easy, instinctive bars. You can also edit the appearance of the bars with the little ice icon. Also, can you figure out what I used my awesome photoshop skills on in this picture besides the people and the arrow? If you can, tell me and I…I…I…will….um… spare you when the sheep rise up under my command.

So, Can you see how awesome IceHud is yet? Cast bar, health and M.E.R. or you and your target all close together along with debuffs and buffs? GO DOWNLOAD.