Alienea casts Revive on Blog!

Blog is revived!

You zone into the instance, ready to heal everything for your badges, and you inspect the tank just to make sure that they ARE tank specced… unlike the arms warrior trying to pass himself off as a tank.. and …”I don’t trust this tank!”

This is what NOT TO DO. All blues < Def cap. Yes, they will need more healing, yes, you’re going to have to pay attention. But once upon a time, everyone was in ilvl 200, and no one could afford to be all that picky about who was tanking except in that they were at the def cap. I’m serious. And guess what? This is good practice for Catacylsm! I’m serious! According to druid blogger, the only viable way to heal for us is Lifebloom and Nourish. We go OOM otherwise. Blizzard hasn’t quite balanced *coughwe’realmostcompletelybrokencough* druids yet, but I’m sure they’ll get around to it Soon™. Now. When you meet your blue tank, this is what you ask them:

“Are you at def cap?” If you have gearscore, do a /gs command while targeting them and it will tell you their stats. If they’re at def cap, then don’t fuss– They won’t get crushing blow’d or whatever they call it these days. Be supportive! They might be new to tanking. Don’t harangue them for every mistake, but do offer supportive criticism, like “use thunderclap/consecretion more”. Don’t assume they’re watching your mana, so be sure to call out when you need to drink. If the DPS are getting overzealous, then you need to speak up for the tank if s/he won’t. You need to be kind so they stay tanks =D Really, just follow common sense and niceness when dealing with your new tank and you should be fine. If they’re acting like a jerk.. then you can get annoyed.

Th-th-th-th-th that’s all, folks!