((Um, I never said it was comprehensive, so you know))

Zombiefest, I hate you. With a burning, firey passion of death and… you get it. To earn the Zombiefest achievement, you have to kill 100 zombies in CoTS (Caverns of Time: Strathholme) in one minute. Well, you know, you need a really good group for this, you need time, and you need to not blow up.



10 Failed Zombiefest runs, and I just… it’s like it kills everyone’s ability to think. Completely and totally. And it’s one of two things standing between me and a b-e-a-utiful red proto-drake. (not that I would care if I got the time-lost, hinthint world…)

It should be somewhat simple. Kill 100 zombies. Drag Salramn over to where Arthas goes with the infinite into that building until they alllll respawn and kill. But no. I just.. hate it.

So….. if you ever see a druid by the name of Alienea in your group for a random dungeon, and she asks “do you think we could try for zombiefest? I already have today, but I got the as a random…” Tell her yes. And help her.