She’s the newest manifestation of my rampant Altoholicism, and attempts to counteract boredom before Cata. WHY is she a Blueberry, you might ask? Well, she has blue skin, blue hair, and blue facial markings. She’s blue! (And I really want to call a character Blueberry now and I don’t think worgen can have blueish fur) Also.. since when are those spiders YELLOW and not a proper RED!? By which I mean names. I GREW UP IN WOW WITH RED NAME SPIDERS THAT ATTACKED AND KILLED YOU. Viciously and in PACKS sometimes. But hey, Bluebérry can be added to the healer cadre; Alienea, Shaniana, and now Bluebérry, Druid, Shaman, and Priest. What am I missing.. paladin! I’ll do that next. If only worgen could be paladins… but that’s a topic for another time, or what to make my worgen.