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Forum Fun

Thing I have said on the forum I shall now never forget:

It was a thread about things druids would like to see to help their heals, and one suggested thing was a talent for Wild Mushrooms to heal the group instead…


Tank: “Duuude. The boss turned into a sock.. wooo, it’s all swirllyaksjhdasjh…”

Dps2: “Hey.. did you ever notice how… like… lifechanging it is, killing things?”
Dps3, who wasn’t in range: “OMG! *pulls aggro* AHHH TANK! *death*”
Druid: “Oh dear. RUN! *kitty form&dash*”

I am now obligated to link to wonderful guides.

Kitty DPS:

Restoration Healing:

….And, well, that’s all I needed so…. >>

I really wish we could still have sigs so I could make


my sig. Yeah. I would.


DPS Queue&Dungeon

….I … I understand your pain now.

40 Minutes in the queue… to usually get dumped at Corborus, with a group that’s ready to call it.

I’m in the DPS queue and not the healer queue because I thought “I need the valor and justice points, but I really don’t want to heal until my gear is better”. My dps gear is good enough to dps in heroics, but because my healer gear only barely makes the ilvl329 requirement, I want to wait until I’ve got a better set of gear. I don’t want to inflict wipe after wipe upon a group because I really wanted to get into heroics.

However, queuing as a DPS has advantages. There’s not nearly as much pressure when you do get in a dungeon, it’s good at breaking up grinding Archaeology, and I can write an entire blog post in the time it takes for the queue to pop!

As I am queuing for feral dps, I have made a macro that states “%T, just call out for innervate and I’ll back out of combat and toss it to you.” By doing this, I’ve found 2 healers who went “really? Wow, most of the druids I’ve run with don’t offer.” To which I can only say to the feral dps (and balance!) druid community at large: WHY are you NOT offering innervate to your HEALER!? As a feral dps you don’t need it, and as a balance dps, if this is a boss fight or even a regular messed-up pull, your healer’s mana is more important than yours. They are keeping you, and the tank alive. Keeping the tank alive>your leet dps. And– OH GOD I WAS LAGGING AND I MISSED MY QUEUE!– Got it? Also, if you don’t back off from combat to rebirth the dead dps, you’re just making the fight take that much longer. And making the fight longer will once again make it harder on the healer and the tank. If you’re not rebirthing the dps, it should be because you’re afraid the tank will go down and you want to be able to bring him/her up quickly.

Level 85!

My druid is level 85. She had fun getting up to 85. The quests were fun, the storylines epic, and the cutscenes well done, even if there were too many of them in Uldum. But I have bad news for you.

Heroics are hard now.

(no really)


Mana is an issue

(yes, for srs.)

You need to think about what you’re casting.

(otherwise, you go OOM)

And good news!

You don’t have to keep everyone at 100%

(you really don’t)

You don’t have to cover for the dps’ mistakes anymore, because if you do, than you can quite easily OOM and fail to keep the tank alive.

(Just make sure it is their fault)

Blues are no longer horrible, blues are what you should be entering raids with.

(Although you can still buy purples with valor points)

Druids still rock. Once I got in the healing groove, I only dipped downwards from 80% mana during bosses and mistakes on trash pulls. The rotation I’ve been using is Lifebloomx3 on the tank, and then nourish or healing touch as needed to refresh the stack and heal. I toss rejuvenations onto the dps if they dip too far in their health, and swiftmend if they are almost dead. Helpful tip, if you have to choose between healing an almost dead melee or ranged dps, healing the melee with swiftmend will proc efflorescence right by the tank, and the ranged are normally not getting hit as much. I’m still replacing all my greens with ilvl 333+ blues, but it appears as if all is not lost.

Good Luck in Catacylsm!

Insane PuGging

*has no good explanation for absence*

Shaniana met an insane PuG group today.

1 Worgen Warrior, 1 Night Elf Death Knight(tank), 1 Dwarf Hunter, 1 Human Paladin and Shani.

I zone in to an already in progress dungeon, sighing inside because that almost never ends well. I clicked on the DK to check his presence and.. he didn’t have one. Erm.

Understanding that I photoshop ftl, I started out everyone with black and a letter.

Blue P: Paladin is in Blue

Red DK: Death Knight is in Red

Brown W: Warrior is in Brown

Green H: Hunter is in green

the line inbetween Dk: In Combat and “Hold going out” is me saying “Er, you can switch in combat”


Stuff like this makes your healer die a little inside.

…I realize that to some of you, vote kicking may seem extreme. *coughakomarcough* But if you’re not going to admit you can switch presences in combat, and you “never do it that way”, you’re getting a vote kick your way.

*cry* Dk I refuse to heal you. I reserve the right to refuse healing to anyone like this. You never tank like that? I’m sorry, I don’t heal tanks like that. We eventually stuck the concept in his head that you can switch presences in combat after one more minute of arguing. The Paladin is to blame for that minute, as he said to let him try. His methods consisted of yelling obscenities at him. After that, the DK kept on going in and out of blood presence, and the Hunter continued to make snarky comments. We downed Hadronax without having him overwhelmed by buggies and dying without giving us credit. We easily cleared the trash after that, and after engaging Anub’arak… the paladin left. Randomly. No “have to go, guild needs my main”, or “shoot I need to go emergency”. Just *poof* and gone. Alright. Fine.