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^ I am going on one from the blog and WoW.

..I’m going to have to use email to communicate with my friends, gack!


More Baby Paladin adventures

Why does everything strange happen to my baby paladin? Does she just attract it?

Mmm-hmmm, okay strange person.

Click to make BIGGER!

Have I missed something? Is it now considered cheating to use stuns and healing spells?
(I mean, come on, you used a potion and you’re a priest.)

….Alright. Whatever. Holy Paladin at low levels: Lawls, I’m the inveencible!… Except against packs of 5+gnolls/murlocs/anything that runs and gets more mobs

….What the?

Well, this is a first.
….Er, I didn’t actually believe people did that. Apparently they do. …..But …. um.. /ignores this bit of oddness and goes back to trying to level a paladin



Grim Batol: Good and Bad

I zoned into Grim Batol, Normal, with a group consisting of a Hunter, a Mage, a Warrior, and a Paladin tank.

Okay, everyone had done the instance before. And this Grim Batol run was both the best and worst I’ve had all expack.

The Good:

The tank had more than 115k health, and he helpfully marked and explained the marks, something all tanks should do. The floor tank(warrior) was exceptionally good about not tanking the floor all that often by not pulling aggro, not standing in bad, and then helpfully taking over the one time the tank died.

The 2 other dps followed the marks, I got mage food, and the hunter trapped wonderfully. They both also didn’t stand in bad, mostly.

Everyone did a wonderful job with the bombing run, and most groups died in under a minute or were already dead, which was wonderful. Everyone communicated, and we had a smooth run through the dungeon with only one wipe.


The Bad:

The tank stood in it. He stood in Throngus’ “Cave In”, he stood in Dragha+Valiona’s ground AoE, and he stood for longer than necessary in Erudax’s Shadow Gale. On heroic, he would’ve been dead. And he didn’t move out no matter how much I said “MOVE OUT OF CAVE-IN/BAD STUFF ON GROUND!”. It’s times like that I want Life Grip on my druid.

The Warrior also stood in bad, like Valiona’s breath, and never got out of the Shadow Gale, leading to me just popping rejuv on her and then leaving her alone unless I got a clearcasting and no one else needed it more.

The mage would break his own polymorph, or not get away from the fire elementals on Dragha+Valiona.

The hunter had apparently only been to Grim Batol once and didn’t know you could get out of Shadow Gale. I just stuck a star on my head and said stack on me when it happened, and after that she was fine.


…And then we beat the dungeon.