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Look! Pretty Pictures!

He's big. And has boob horns.

Isn’t he a big fire-lord? We’re working on the lava scions at the moment. Lil’ bitches they are.


I am not happy about my demon-horse at all. I am not using it and abandoning all my other.. uhm.. 86 mounts. And I have not named it Gerrymander.

((Hahaahahaha photoshop you are such fun))






We’ve now killed Majordomo (wooo, 6/7!) and apparently they’ve found my blog. Now I can’t be snarky. If I ever wanted to be. ….AHHHHHH THEY’RE WATCHING MEEEEEEE.

So, on Baleroc, what really really annoyed me is the crystals. Because I’d HoT up the person on them, swiftmend and healing touch and nourish and regrowth would all be used… and nock(a paladin healer) and chain(a shaman healer) would be at 60 stacks while I’d be at 20-30.

….This made me a Sad Panda™(not actually trademarked).

So on the next pull, I tried using more regrowth and less other things, like.. er… HoTs and .. slow direct heals. I started sitting at around 40 while everyone else would have 80. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffff. I mean, we killed him. And that’s good. But… I feel like I wasn’t being the best healer I could be there. I guess next time we kill him I’ll have to try even more direct healing without HoTs… but then I’m afraid the people on crystals will die.

However, I also recently turned into a boomchicken, and on a night I had to go early they found out that Baleroc was two-healable (and in fact easier to heal like that) so I don’t have to worry about crystals anymore beyond staying away from them.

Having not much else to say about that, Alysrazor!

Before nerf:

We didn’t not have a good time of it. While we had successfully rotated her to phase 1 two times (with one healer down, not me!), we then all died. First, people stood in fire(given off lava worms), interrupts were failing to go off… the little bird adds weren’t dying.. heck, one attempt I just lagged and didn’t realize I was in fire. And then I died. And then the people I was responsible for healing died. And then we all died.

After nerf:

*poke Alys*

*she dies*

Seriously, we killed her when half of us (sadly including me when a lava worm popped up and I didn’t react fast enough) were dead. Alysrazor.. You are now designated loot piñata.


Hahahahahh *poke dead*

Actual what we did will come later. Also, this blog post just proves I will do ANYTHING but go through Wuthering Heights and annotate it.