Currently wanting know how I can do the thing where you mouse over an item and the stats pop up

I’m a Restoration/Boomchicken druid, but I was Resto/Feral Tank. Thus=Restobear. Yuppers. Mmmm-hm.

I raid with <It Was Epic>! It’s fun.

Alienea, my main. lvl 85 restokin druid, happily running around healing raids and also making heretics BURN IN THE LIGHT OF ELUNE. Likes both, but is depressed at how often people yell at tanks and healers in PuGs. Has healed a raid going against Cho’gall until he was at 32% pre-nerf, and then a tank died. The raid lived until then, though! Is also now working on Firelands progression and has completely cleared Tier 11. Is loving raiding. <6/7>, btw.

Ielia (used to be Shaniana),my main alt. Lvl 485 shaman, leveled resto and bitter about it. Hated getting targeting in BGs. “OMG HORDE STOP KILLING THE GLOWWY FINGER WIGGLER!” That’s exactly what she said. I mean, come on, she could be trying to kill you… with green fingers of death. Now that she’s 85 and on a RP realm, she’s looking around for a RP/Raid guild. She miiiight be moving back, though. It’s hard to decide.

—-and ya know what? You don’t need to know all of my alts until I level a worgen moonkin and make my blog Restobearkin. /shoo!