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So have I mentioned that I recently got my wisdom teeth out? It hurts like a female dog, I’m on fricken’ heavy duty pain drugs (That aren’t doing a whole lot as far as I can tell), and I am still healllling.

We’re currently working on Lord Rhylioth and got him half of the way down on the first night, so life is good. What’s going on is that the steerers are getting the hang of it and we’re getting the hang of seeing everything on the ground and communication and all that.

Also, we downed Shannox for the second time. Got another eternal ember. Also, remember what I said about being on heavy-duty pain meds?

One wipe, not due to me but lag spikes.

Second time, perfect execution except for one crystal prison trap the RL, ironically enough, took.

And I did top healing and 2nd in overheals, which, well, doesn’t mean a whole lot since you know meters, but HAH. It’ll also help we check out how to mess around with my glyphs. And now I need to go take another dose of pain meds and pass out.


ALSO! If by some chance, you read this blog, you are on Gilneas, or want to go to Gilneas, and are on the Alliance..

We are currently interviewing a frost DK, but we need an arcane or fire mage, preferred arcane for the buffs. We are 1/7 and working on Rhylioth, we are semi-hardcore (which basically means show up on time, put raid face on, but we understand that when RL stuff happens, it happens), and we make jokes. It’d be nice if you can use ventrillo to communicate also, although if you have dental surgery, or strep throat, stuff like that, there is obviously and exception made. Go to make an account there and APPLY. Please I love you?



…. er, actually I am going to be in Greece. So, no, unless I can get Internet access there will be no blog posts.

…. Also, I mainly raid heal so I should really figure that out considering my guild progression group (that includes me, glory be) is on Shannox and I am raid healing.


^ I am going on one from the blog and WoW.

..I’m going to have to use email to communicate with my friends, gack!


WoooO! Sadly, this means that less time on WoW leveling and playing, and less to blog about, even if I haven’t been blogging much anyways. And I only got the idea for my book one day before November 1st. I should’ve planned ahead a bit more…  But hey. If you’re participating yourself, good luck!

-rubs head- Sorry about the dearth of new posts…. It’s just… anything I want to write will be OBSOLETE. NOT USEFUL ANYMORE. Catacylsm=Oh god why should I write anything that’ll be wrong in a few months? I mean, honestly, it’ll be helpful for now and then go out-of-date so quickly it’s not even funny. And then, in November? Yeah, I plan on doing NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. I’m going to go INSANE I tell you. And what’s even more insane is that I don’t have a book IDEA yet much less an OUTLINE. Ah-hah-hah-hah?

But you’ll be happy because hey, anytime I can twist NaBloPoMo to WoW, I will, so you’ll get a good few posts out of that. But I actually do have something to say, if it would somehow slip through time to myself when I was first starting…

“I know she says feral is good for leveling, but restoration is the way to go at the endgame.. and stop pulling all those murlocs.”

I started firmly feral. Admittedly, I was influenced by the outside force known as V, but the idea of turning into a kitty AND a bear and OMG a seal and another cat also!? Yeah, feral made me happy– I didn’t even KNOW about moonkin and tree forms. And yes, I was druid from the beginning. DRUID! And now I have a lvl 59 shaman I’m leveling, and that’s what you’ll get posts about from now until cata, mostly. So, GL =D