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So, uhm, hi again?

Have I mentioned my Druid(alienea) and Shaman(She was Shaniana but now she’s Ielia on a RP realm) are both 85? No?

…Now I have.



I’ve been playing WoW.

I’ve been having fun!

Those Thrall Quests? My druid gets near them and “OMG LAG AHHH” it goes down to one frame per MINUTE. My shaman breezed through them.

I’ve got a 65 priest now.

And a 21 pally.

…So my dreams of getting an 85 of all healing classes are that much closer to completion.

I stopped running heroics on my druid a while ago. She has a standing invite to a guild that she could raid with.

My shaman is looking for a rp/raiding guild (If you’re on Wyrmrest Accord with a strange raiding schedule and you Rp, send her a mail. Ielia, the draenei shaman.)

My priest is ..well, leveling.

My paladin is actually a tank because my cousin is playing wow and leveling with a healer spec, so she needs a tank.

Oh, I’ve also got a goblin. I roleplay on her, she’s a warrior, and it is because of her I RealID broadcasted “I’m 4 feet tall, and I have a shield. POINT ME AT THE GIGANTIC MONSTERS!”

Well I have lots of alts.

I deleted Eagleb. I …well, she wasn’t getting used, and I didn’t need her that much.

Oh, I also have a 73 DK named Balrial on WA.

I’m alive.

I’ve just not been blogging.

/signs off until next time I feel like posting something.


As a healer, you don’t “lol” when someone suggests you need to drink mana drinks.

You don’t say you don’t need them, “lol”

Especially not at level 22 with no other way to regen mana. You don’t waste other people’s time by just standing there and going “lol”


…Or at least you shouldn’t.

…..Especially when your tank is going “No, really. Go, do it.” and “Look there’s milk in that chest”, and then you take it and still.. don’t drink it.


/drop group after wipe due to healer puling boss after saying “my mana is fine, lol”

/ignore healer

/go on happy, paladin-ing way

(It’s a draenei now, and it’s level 21)

(A new paladin, not a race change)

Also, Kyphaz and  Sinrya are very nice low-level pugs. Go hug them if you see them.

More Baby Paladin adventures

Why does everything strange happen to my baby paladin? Does she just attract it?

Mmm-hmmm, okay strange person.

Click to make BIGGER!

Have I missed something? Is it now considered cheating to use stuns and healing spells?
(I mean, come on, you used a potion and you’re a priest.)

….Alright. Whatever. Holy Paladin at low levels: Lawls, I’m the inveencible!… Except against packs of 5+gnolls/murlocs/anything that runs and gets more mobs

Slowly getting up to 80

Levitate is for Screenies...

Shani is now level 67. I am such a slow leveler, I know. It only took me… what… I joined WoW a year after BC came out, and then I leveled 70 just in time for WoLK to come out in a month or so. Fun times, no? Shani has been tossed into so many dungeons lately that I’m surprised she hasn’t died more often. She also hasn’t run into any horrible tanks… yet. Even the DKs have been good. But I’m getting very, very, very tired of seeing mail chest+shoulder items drop like they’re just trying to taunt me because I have BoAs. However, I really think I might be able to get her into the mid-70s by, say, Cataclysm. Although if I start leveling her even more, I might get to 80… But that’s probably not going to happen, so. Here’s to getting her to 80!

Meet Bluebérry

She’s the newest manifestation of my rampant Altoholicism, and attempts to counteract boredom before Cata. WHY is she a Blueberry, you might ask? Well, she has blue skin, blue hair, and blue facial markings. She’s blue! (And I really want to call a character Blueberry now and I don’t think worgen can have blueish fur) Also.. since when are those spiders YELLOW and not a proper RED!? By which I mean names. I GREW UP IN WOW WITH RED NAME SPIDERS THAT ATTACKED AND KILLED YOU. Viciously and in PACKS sometimes. But hey, Bluebérry can be added to the healer cadre; Alienea, Shaniana, and now Bluebérry, Druid, Shaman, and Priest. What am I missing.. paladin! I’ll do that next. If only worgen could be paladins… but that’s a topic for another time, or what to make my worgen.

Top Secret Shaman Activties

HintHint, check the tags...

If your healer can top the charts while healing all of your overpulls, ur doin it wrong.

Hate: OMG NO HEALS WHERE ARE THE HEALS OH GO— *fakedead* *mobs resist* *dead* Need…haelz… please…

Love: Haha, go Spect! (my ghostsaber kitty, full name Spectress) Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew wow 112dps at 32? Pew-pew-pew-pew-AGGRO-FD-Hahaha I don’t have to worry about anything. No tank/healer pressure or guilt, just Pew-pew-pew-pew-I think you get the idea.

Eagleb the hunter started as something for my sister, way back in the year 200X (where X>6 but <9). She was watching me shoot Wraths at bears, and she said she wanted a character. I shrugged, logged out, and took her to the character creation screen where we made a lil’ baby hunter that I never actually intended to play. A couple of years pass, and she’s sitting at level 30, dusty and fully rested. STV defeats 75% of all my characters. (Note: 86.9% of all statistics on blog are made up or are approximation.) So we went into STV and ran away crying, and that was it until the LFG tool came out. Now she’s 32 and a lot and I’m thinking she might make it farther, if only so I can tame a Devilsaur and name it ‘Omnomnivour’. Yes, Eagle has been BM from the start and I’m not changing her now. Rawr! -toddles off to read hunter blogs before remembering that I have an announcement-

I’m Exalted with Gnomergan!

*whirrr*  *clank*  *giggle*

I also have my mutant drake.

The Dusty Shaman

My name is Shaniana, and I have not been played for so long that the armory no longer has my stats. I went up to lvl 42 since you last saw me at lvl 37, and then was tucked into a corner to gain rest exp. My reaction was “Rest Exp?! I DON’T NEED RESTED EXPERIENCE BOOST I HAVE HEIRLOOMS!” And now I’m sitting in a corner, forgotten because one of her friends finally got to 80. And he needs gear. So I’m just sitting here, in the dark, hoping that whenever she gets back on me I won’t be sent to Maraudon. Nature Sprits, I HATE that place. I have no more purpose! Well, that’s not true. She just keeps on having stuff pop up to make her play her druid. -sigh- ‘bye!