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So, uhm, hi again?

Have I mentioned my Druid(alienea) and Shaman(She was Shaniana but now she’s Ielia on a RP realm) are both 85? No?

…Now I have.



I’ve been playing WoW.

I’ve been having fun!

Those Thrall Quests? My druid gets near them and “OMG LAG AHHH” it goes down to one frame per MINUTE. My shaman breezed through them.

I’ve got a 65 priest now.

And a 21 pally.

…So my dreams of getting an 85 of all healing classes are that much closer to completion.

I stopped running heroics on my druid a while ago. She has a standing invite to a guild that she could raid with.

My shaman is looking for a rp/raiding guild (If you’re on Wyrmrest Accord with a strange raiding schedule and you Rp, send her a mail. Ielia, the draenei shaman.)

My priest is ..well, leveling.

My paladin is actually a tank because my cousin is playing wow and leveling with a healer spec, so she needs a tank.

Oh, I’ve also got a goblin. I roleplay on her, she’s a warrior, and it is because of her I RealID broadcasted “I’m 4 feet tall, and I have a shield. POINT ME AT THE GIGANTIC MONSTERS!”

Well I have lots of alts.

I deleted Eagleb. I …well, she wasn’t getting used, and I didn’t need her that much.

Oh, I also have a 73 DK named Balrial on WA.

I’m alive.

I’ve just not been blogging.

/signs off until next time I feel like posting something.


Level 85!

My druid is level 85. She had fun getting up to 85. The quests were fun, the storylines epic, and the cutscenes well done, even if there were too many of them in Uldum. But I have bad news for you.

Heroics are hard now.

(no really)


Mana is an issue

(yes, for srs.)

You need to think about what you’re casting.

(otherwise, you go OOM)

And good news!

You don’t have to keep everyone at 100%

(you really don’t)

You don’t have to cover for the dps’ mistakes anymore, because if you do, than you can quite easily OOM and fail to keep the tank alive.

(Just make sure it is their fault)

Blues are no longer horrible, blues are what you should be entering raids with.

(Although you can still buy purples with valor points)

Druids still rock. Once I got in the healing groove, I only dipped downwards from 80% mana during bosses and mistakes on trash pulls. The rotation I’ve been using is Lifebloomx3 on the tank, and then nourish or healing touch as needed to refresh the stack and heal. I toss rejuvenations onto the dps if they dip too far in their health, and swiftmend if they are almost dead. Helpful tip, if you have to choose between healing an almost dead melee or ranged dps, healing the melee with swiftmend will proc efflorescence right by the tank, and the ranged are normally not getting hit as much. I’m still replacing all my greens with ilvl 333+ blues, but it appears as if all is not lost.

Good Luck in Catacylsm!

Yessssss. Blog post time… *watches downloader* oh, yeah, blog post.


Respec Druid, Shaman, Death Knight, Priest, Warlock, Hunter. Check other realms, respec paladin.


Druid: Feral/90%sure Resto. Although, I might just leave it blank or not log back on to my druid. She’s logged in Tree form, dancing with her tedrassil sproutling. Oh, who am I kidding, I love my druid, and I love healing and faceripping. Feral/Resto she is!

I’m going with this for feral and this for resto. Feral is focused more on leveling, while resto is still orientated towards healing groups, still. I’m going to grab furor as I level her in cata in resto– who could pass up 15% more mana?


Shaman: Resto/Something. Ehn has WOLVES. *cough* And she’s lost riptide to my great annoyance, because I was loving having a HoT to use on her.


Death Knight: Blood. She’s my RP char, and although I’ve moved a bit away from her blood-hysteria rage, I’ve been building towards having her get a bit more violent again, because frost and unholy is something the other 2 people are, and we don’t really WANT to switch. I love rune tap too much to give it up like that.


Priest: Lvl 8(or)13. PEW PEW LAZERS! I made the mistake of putting point in holy on my lvl 13 priest, but now she’s going to have lazers, and so will my lvl 8 priest when she gets to 10. Although furbolgs just LOVE to eat her.


Warlock: Always been a demonologist on her, and she’s staying that way. Felguard!


Hunter: Beast Mastery! MY hunter has always been BM and she’ll always be BM.


Paladin: Gosh, I think I have a paladin I’m not really sure, but she’s going to go healer or tank. Healer… and I’d have one alt of every healer… tank.. and I’d have a tank. I’ll think about it.


Everyone: Have fun with patch 4.01, but remember to mourn the trees!

Meet Bluebérry

She’s the newest manifestation of my rampant Altoholicism, and attempts to counteract boredom before Cata. WHY is she a Blueberry, you might ask? Well, she has blue skin, blue hair, and blue facial markings. She’s blue! (And I really want to call a character Blueberry now and I don’t think worgen can have blueish fur) Also.. since when are those spiders YELLOW and not a proper RED!? By which I mean names. I GREW UP IN WOW WITH RED NAME SPIDERS THAT ATTACKED AND KILLED YOU. Viciously and in PACKS sometimes. But hey, Bluebérry can be added to the healer cadre; Alienea, Shaniana, and now Bluebérry, Druid, Shaman, and Priest. What am I missing.. paladin! I’ll do that next. If only worgen could be paladins… but that’s a topic for another time, or what to make my worgen.

-rubs head- Sorry about the dearth of new posts…. It’s just… anything I want to write will be OBSOLETE. NOT USEFUL ANYMORE. Catacylsm=Oh god why should I write anything that’ll be wrong in a few months? I mean, honestly, it’ll be helpful for now and then go out-of-date so quickly it’s not even funny. And then, in November? Yeah, I plan on doing NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. I’m going to go INSANE I tell you. And what’s even more insane is that I don’t have a book IDEA yet much less an OUTLINE. Ah-hah-hah-hah?

But you’ll be happy because hey, anytime I can twist NaBloPoMo to WoW, I will, so you’ll get a good few posts out of that. But I actually do have something to say, if it would somehow slip through time to myself when I was first starting…

“I know she says feral is good for leveling, but restoration is the way to go at the endgame.. and stop pulling all those murlocs.”

I started firmly feral. Admittedly, I was influenced by the outside force known as V, but the idea of turning into a kitty AND a bear and OMG a seal and another cat also!? Yeah, feral made me happy– I didn’t even KNOW about moonkin and tree forms. And yes, I was druid from the beginning. DRUID! And now I have a lvl 59 shaman I’m leveling, and that’s what you’ll get posts about from now until cata, mostly. So, GL =D

Healing Touch

Healing Touch and You: A Guide for the Future and Now (Finally)

Wrath of the Lich King Healing Touch (Rank 15): Heals a friendly target for 3750 to 4428. 33% base mana, 3 sec cast time and 40yd range.

Okay. Nice healing, but somewhat costly and slow. Due to this and few other factors, once you hit 80, Healing Touch is patted on the back, told “it was nice with working with ya, buddy, maybe you can come do some projects with Nature’s Swiftness everyone now and then, she’s a nice gal, but we have to let you go” and sent out the door. Are you in the process of doing this? STOP STOP DON’T DO IT YET!!! BAD! The glyph is frankly not worth it if you want HT to still be your big, NS+HT oh GAH HEALZNOWDOITDOIT savior. And yet… and yet… Healing Touch can be pretty useful anyways.

If you’ve got the mana to spare, and you’ve got the time to heal the tank/dps/person, and s/he does need that health… then HT him/her. Nono, hush, do it. It’ll cost less than a rejuv/nourish/nourish/nourish or rejuv/regrowth/nourish/nourish. In the first scenario, Nourishx3=72% base mana. Gosh! 72-33=39. So, you’ve saved yourself 39% of your base mana! Woot woot. In the second scenario, Rejuv/Regrowth/Nourishx2=83% of your base mana, 83-33=50. So You’ve saved yourself EVEN MORE MANA! YAY! And once you have enough haste to make it around a two second cast or less, than it even takes you less time. So, why aren’t people using it?

People don’t use HT because it’s not what’s done. Gosh. When you’re a low level, and that’s really all you’ve got, than yes, fine, you can use it according to the big general population. But when you get to 80, Healing Touch is not really used. It’s stuck into a box until we need to use nature’s swiftness with it. This must STOP, fellow druids! One guild killed Anub with a glyphed HT! While I don’t really recommend the glyph, if it fits your place, go for it. But no matter what type of druid you are… dust off Healing Touch. Get to know it a bit better. Renew your old friendship with it. Go forth and do so.

-Bows head in respect-

Bellwether of 4Haelz has left the blogosphere. Apparently she has become bored with the game, and her beta access wasn’t making her want to wait for Cata either. She’s got some IRL stuff that she wants to do, and apparently her account has been closed for a month and a half. (sadface) I respect her decision, but I will miss the first tree blogger I ever read, and I hope she has a wonderful, happy life. Ishnu’alah, Bellwether.

Talent Tree Overhaul.

-twitch- Someday, I will look back on this and laugh. Some far, far, far away day, I will go ‘Huh? What was I talking about?!’ But for now, um… the new 31-point talent trees and slightly confusing, but mostly pretty, simplified, and b-e-autiful. I like it. I like it a lot. Also, I’m feeling lucky! 52/100 mounts from Mountain O’ Mounts. I love my 52nd mount, yes I do.

Mastery – Catacylsm

I’ve covered Resto talents here with minor edits here.

So it’s time for Mastery, with a tentative spec to level with 80-85, and a raiding spec for 85. (But in a different post)

Mastery and how it will effect you, leveling 80-85:

Healing:Increases all your healing spell by a percentage. With my leveling spec, this gives you a base 8.95% healing increase. To use some small numbers, a heal which would land for 100 would instead land for +108.95. Yes, this is underwhelming, but in Cataclysm we will be healing for more than 40k. A Bandage will heal for 40k over 8 seconds.  So say a Rejuvenation ticks for 100k, or 100,000. That’s an extra 8,950 health that we might need and heals for more than a non-HoTted Nourish now.

Initial Impact: Underwhelming.

Grade: B/B+

Meditation: Grants a percentage of your out-of-combat mana regeneration from Spirit while in combat. 55.92% with my leveling spec. So in a desert of ‘OOM’, we will be granted a small oasis which could be easily played out. I am not a number person, so I’m not entirely sure how to apply the numbers here. Will we get  1) almost 60% of  the mana regeneration we gain from Spirit, or 2) will we take almost 60% from regular OOC mana regeneration? #1 Seems more likely here, therefore I will give it a huzzah and a few claps.

Initial Impact: Oh, cool.

Grade: A/A-

Deep Healing: Increases the potency of your HoTs by up to a percentage, based on the current health level of your target. (lower health targets are healed for more). *blink* *blink* 22.4% with my leveling spec. Um, *blink* what? You… want our HoTs to be overwritten and wasted? Um, okay. Point me towards the door, I guess. Well, Lifebloom and Wild Growth will benefit from this. When someone’s low on health, your HoTs will be healing them for more and if you have fast, strengthened HoTs, this is almost all good. There will still be the overwhelming danger of “AHHH YOU JUST MADE ME WASTE MY HOTS NOOOO”.

Initial Impact: Ugh, fine. Situational, Teamworkish Mastery. Okay.

Grade: C+ (Overwritttteeennnnn)

The Closed Beta- I do not has.

It’s very, very, very, very, very sad. I swear I’m working on the feral talents for Cataclysm review, but I keep on tabbing out and looking at other stuff. only 2 tiers to go, however! A happy (late) 4th to all American readers, and enjoy your unofficial day off tomorrow today. Sorry, I thought I clicked the publish button yesterday but I guess I didn’t. Scroll down for the resto talents.