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Good news, Everyone!

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the Prof.Putricide quote…


….So, this happened when I wasn’t blogging.

Before the 20% nerf, I went in and healed Cho’gall to 32% with a very nice guild, and they mentioned they would be interested in bringing me into that guild. And I’ve thought about it, and then tonight/last night(July8th)

Sadly after the nerf….

I went in with the same people. Well, they also had PuGs like the last time. I was told that, apparently, I am a very good healer. *shrug*, sure. (there was no squeeing involved when they invited me back in or when I was told that. At all. Vicious lies, all of it.)

We beat up Cho’gall in one try, and moved on to BWD, because the night hadn’t even started yet and who wanted to quit then?!

We beat up Magmaw, and Omnomnomnitron, and Maloriak. And then wiped once twice three times on Chimy. We weren’t spreading back out quickly enough after the ‘bot went online. We’ll probably get it tonight then, and I can start posting what I think of all the fights.


Firelands Dailies

…My druid can’t do them. She’s currently stuck in a lag vortex right after, oh, the first quest that gives marks of the world tree. I can’t even get her out of it, due to the fact that WoW runs at about 1 frame per 10 minutes on her in those areas. Oh, and the Thrall quests, which my shaman can do easily and with no lag to speak of, my druid also goes back down to 1 frame per 10 seconds. I have no idea what is causing this.

…Er, the two quests I did were fun, though!

And the Thrall questline has a nice cape for my shammy that she loves. Considering she was using a 333 cape.

*goes to try getting druid out of the area once again*


So, uhm, hi again?

Have I mentioned my Druid(alienea) and Shaman(She was Shaniana but now she’s Ielia on a RP realm) are both 85? No?

…Now I have.



I’ve been playing WoW.

I’ve been having fun!

Those Thrall Quests? My druid gets near them and “OMG LAG AHHH” it goes down to one frame per MINUTE. My shaman breezed through them.

I’ve got a 65 priest now.

And a 21 pally.

…So my dreams of getting an 85 of all healing classes are that much closer to completion.

I stopped running heroics on my druid a while ago. She has a standing invite to a guild that she could raid with.

My shaman is looking for a rp/raiding guild (If you’re on Wyrmrest Accord with a strange raiding schedule and you Rp, send her a mail. Ielia, the draenei shaman.)

My priest is ..well, leveling.

My paladin is actually a tank because my cousin is playing wow and leveling with a healer spec, so she needs a tank.

Oh, I’ve also got a goblin. I roleplay on her, she’s a warrior, and it is because of her I RealID broadcasted “I’m 4 feet tall, and I have a shield. POINT ME AT THE GIGANTIC MONSTERS!”

Well I have lots of alts.

I deleted Eagleb. I …well, she wasn’t getting used, and I didn’t need her that much.

Oh, I also have a 73 DK named Balrial on WA.

I’m alive.

I’ve just not been blogging.

/signs off until next time I feel like posting something.

As a healer, you don’t “lol” when someone suggests you need to drink mana drinks.

You don’t say you don’t need them, “lol”

Especially not at level 22 with no other way to regen mana. You don’t waste other people’s time by just standing there and going “lol”


…Or at least you shouldn’t.

…..Especially when your tank is going “No, really. Go, do it.” and “Look there’s milk in that chest”, and then you take it and still.. don’t drink it.


/drop group after wipe due to healer puling boss after saying “my mana is fine, lol”

/ignore healer

/go on happy, paladin-ing way

(It’s a draenei now, and it’s level 21)

(A new paladin, not a race change)

Also, Kyphaz and  Sinrya are very nice low-level pugs. Go hug them if you see them.


^ I am going on one from the blog and WoW.

..I’m going to have to use email to communicate with my friends, gack!

More Baby Paladin adventures

Why does everything strange happen to my baby paladin? Does she just attract it?

Mmm-hmmm, okay strange person.

Click to make BIGGER!

Have I missed something? Is it now considered cheating to use stuns and healing spells?
(I mean, come on, you used a potion and you’re a priest.)

….Alright. Whatever. Holy Paladin at low levels: Lawls, I’m the inveencible!… Except against packs of 5+gnolls/murlocs/anything that runs and gets more mobs

….What the?

Well, this is a first.
….Er, I didn’t actually believe people did that. Apparently they do. …..But …. um.. /ignores this bit of oddness and goes back to trying to level a paladin



Grim Batol: Good and Bad

I zoned into Grim Batol, Normal, with a group consisting of a Hunter, a Mage, a Warrior, and a Paladin tank.

Okay, everyone had done the instance before. And this Grim Batol run was both the best and worst I’ve had all expack.

The Good:

The tank had more than 115k health, and he helpfully marked and explained the marks, something all tanks should do. The floor tank(warrior) was exceptionally good about not tanking the floor all that often by not pulling aggro, not standing in bad, and then helpfully taking over the one time the tank died.

The 2 other dps followed the marks, I got mage food, and the hunter trapped wonderfully. They both also didn’t stand in bad, mostly.

Everyone did a wonderful job with the bombing run, and most groups died in under a minute or were already dead, which was wonderful. Everyone communicated, and we had a smooth run through the dungeon with only one wipe.


The Bad:

The tank stood in it. He stood in Throngus’ “Cave In”, he stood in Dragha+Valiona’s ground AoE, and he stood for longer than necessary in Erudax’s Shadow Gale. On heroic, he would’ve been dead. And he didn’t move out no matter how much I said “MOVE OUT OF CAVE-IN/BAD STUFF ON GROUND!”. It’s times like that I want Life Grip on my druid.

The Warrior also stood in bad, like Valiona’s breath, and never got out of the Shadow Gale, leading to me just popping rejuv on her and then leaving her alone unless I got a clearcasting and no one else needed it more.

The mage would break his own polymorph, or not get away from the fire elementals on Dragha+Valiona.

The hunter had apparently only been to Grim Batol once and didn’t know you could get out of Shadow Gale. I just stuck a star on my head and said stack on me when it happened, and after that she was fine.


…And then we beat the dungeon.

Forum Fun

Thing I have said on the forum I shall now never forget:

It was a thread about things druids would like to see to help their heals, and one suggested thing was a talent for Wild Mushrooms to heal the group instead…


Tank: “Duuude. The boss turned into a sock.. wooo, it’s all swirllyaksjhdasjh…”

Dps2: “Hey.. did you ever notice how… like… lifechanging it is, killing things?”
Dps3, who wasn’t in range: “OMG! *pulls aggro* AHHH TANK! *death*”
Druid: “Oh dear. RUN! *kitty form&dash*”

I am now obligated to link to wonderful guides.

Kitty DPS:

Restoration Healing:

….And, well, that’s all I needed so…. >>

I really wish we could still have sigs so I could make


my sig. Yeah. I would.

DPS Queue&Dungeon

….I … I understand your pain now.

40 Minutes in the queue… to usually get dumped at Corborus, with a group that’s ready to call it.

I’m in the DPS queue and not the healer queue because I thought “I need the valor and justice points, but I really don’t want to heal until my gear is better”. My dps gear is good enough to dps in heroics, but because my healer gear only barely makes the ilvl329 requirement, I want to wait until I’ve got a better set of gear. I don’t want to inflict wipe after wipe upon a group because I really wanted to get into heroics.

However, queuing as a DPS has advantages. There’s not nearly as much pressure when you do get in a dungeon, it’s good at breaking up grinding Archaeology, and I can write an entire blog post in the time it takes for the queue to pop!

As I am queuing for feral dps, I have made a macro that states “%T, just call out for innervate and I’ll back out of combat and toss it to you.” By doing this, I’ve found 2 healers who went “really? Wow, most of the druids I’ve run with don’t offer.” To which I can only say to the feral dps (and balance!) druid community at large: WHY are you NOT offering innervate to your HEALER!? As a feral dps you don’t need it, and as a balance dps, if this is a boss fight or even a regular messed-up pull, your healer’s mana is more important than yours. They are keeping you, and the tank alive. Keeping the tank alive>your leet dps. And– OH GOD I WAS LAGGING AND I MISSED MY QUEUE!– Got it? Also, if you don’t back off from combat to rebirth the dead dps, you’re just making the fight take that much longer. And making the fight longer will once again make it harder on the healer and the tank. If you’re not rebirthing the dps, it should be because you’re afraid the tank will go down and you want to be able to bring him/her up quickly.