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Grim Batol: Good and Bad

I zoned into Grim Batol, Normal, with a group consisting of a Hunter, a Mage, a Warrior, and a Paladin tank.

Okay, everyone had done the instance before. And this Grim Batol run was both the best and worst I’ve had all expack.

The Good:

The tank had more than 115k health, and he helpfully marked and explained the marks, something all tanks should do. The floor tank(warrior) was exceptionally good about not tanking the floor all that often by not pulling aggro, not standing in bad, and then helpfully taking over the one time the tank died.

The 2 other dps followed the marks, I got mage food, and the hunter trapped wonderfully. They both also didn’t stand in bad, mostly.

Everyone did a wonderful job with the bombing run, and most groups died in under a minute or were already dead, which was wonderful. Everyone communicated, and we had a smooth run through the dungeon with only one wipe.


The Bad:

The tank stood in it. He stood in Throngus’ “Cave In”, he stood in Dragha+Valiona’s ground AoE, and he stood for longer than necessary in Erudax’s Shadow Gale. On heroic, he would’ve been dead. And he didn’t move out no matter how much I said “MOVE OUT OF CAVE-IN/BAD STUFF ON GROUND!”. It’s times like that I want Life Grip on my druid.

The Warrior also stood in bad, like Valiona’s breath, and never got out of the Shadow Gale, leading to me just popping rejuv on her and then leaving her alone unless I got a clearcasting and no one else needed it more.

The mage would break his own polymorph, or not get away from the fire elementals on Dragha+Valiona.

The hunter had apparently only been to Grim Batol once and didn’t know you could get out of Shadow Gale. I just stuck a star on my head and said stack on me when it happened, and after that she was fine.


…And then we beat the dungeon.


Level 85!

My druid is level 85. She had fun getting up to 85. The quests were fun, the storylines epic, and the cutscenes well done, even if there were too many of them in Uldum. But I have bad news for you.

Heroics are hard now.

(no really)


Mana is an issue

(yes, for srs.)

You need to think about what you’re casting.

(otherwise, you go OOM)

And good news!

You don’t have to keep everyone at 100%

(you really don’t)

You don’t have to cover for the dps’ mistakes anymore, because if you do, than you can quite easily OOM and fail to keep the tank alive.

(Just make sure it is their fault)

Blues are no longer horrible, blues are what you should be entering raids with.

(Although you can still buy purples with valor points)

Druids still rock. Once I got in the healing groove, I only dipped downwards from 80% mana during bosses and mistakes on trash pulls. The rotation I’ve been using is Lifebloomx3 on the tank, and then nourish or healing touch as needed to refresh the stack and heal. I toss rejuvenations onto the dps if they dip too far in their health, and swiftmend if they are almost dead. Helpful tip, if you have to choose between healing an almost dead melee or ranged dps, healing the melee with swiftmend will proc efflorescence right by the tank, and the ranged are normally not getting hit as much. I’m still replacing all my greens with ilvl 333+ blues, but it appears as if all is not lost.

Good Luck in Catacylsm!

Slowly getting up to 80

Levitate is for Screenies...

Shani is now level 67. I am such a slow leveler, I know. It only took me… what… I joined WoW a year after BC came out, and then I leveled 70 just in time for WoLK to come out in a month or so. Fun times, no? Shani has been tossed into so many dungeons lately that I’m surprised she hasn’t died more often. She also hasn’t run into any horrible tanks… yet. Even the DKs have been good. But I’m getting very, very, very tired of seeing mail chest+shoulder items drop like they’re just trying to taunt me because I have BoAs. However, I really think I might be able to get her into the mid-70s by, say, Cataclysm. Although if I start leveling her even more, I might get to 80… But that’s probably not going to happen, so. Here’s to getting her to 80!

Shaman Leveling Part 1

I have a concussion….so this really isn’t finished. Therefore, it is part 1!

Shaman leveling.

If you’re not Restoration, I really don’t know what you do.

But as a restoration shaman, I made it to level 34, around, before the dungeon finder came out. If you make through Stranglethorn Vale on any character, you know you probably stick with them, by the way.

If you’re leveling as a restoration shaman, then you’re probably leveling through the dungeon finder. You’re going to need to know the basic spells and when to use them.


Let’s say you have the fire and earth totems. After all, the earliest you can use the dungeon finder is 15, and by then, that’s all you have. What should you use? If you want to be more defensive and reduce the amount of heals you will need to use, then you should drop a Stoneskin totem and a Searing totem.

You have: Lesser Healing Wave(LHW)

Healing Wave.  (HW)

Unless a lot of damage is being taken, then just use LHW to top everyone off. ALWAYS. If for some reason you need to heal a lot of damage and the damage coming in should be minimal, that is where you should use HW.



Always put down healing stream until you get mana spring, and then put that down unless there is a pally who will wisdom you. Keep water shield up AT ALL TIMES. It will help with chain-pulling tanks who apparently believe we can run on no mana. With Healing Stream Totem, you don’t have to heal as much because the totem will be healing it for you. Other than that, there’s no major changes or cooldowns you’ll have to juggle except for Tidal Force, the 11-point talent. It gives you crits, basically. Use it with LHW if you need big heals in not a lot of time.

Dps: undervalued.

This post is about dps. And how they are important even though people always talk about healers and tanks being the only important ones. I know the name of the blog is Restobear, and I said I was going to talk about tanking and healing as a druid and stuff related to WoW. But this is related to WoW. You see, tanks and healers undervalue the dps. When you see a dps not being the best, do you think first “what could be affecting this” or “lol, fail dps”? I’m using the extremes here, but the dps are being maligned by tanks and healers whenever they fail to put out optimal dps. They could be new to their class, they could not have done all their research, or they could be lagging. And don’t forget, on some fights, when they have to move around a lot, that’s going to affect ranged and melee dps.

The poor dps have a very long wait to get into a dungeon, and when the first thing they here is that they’re not good, they are fail, and their gear is terrible, what makes them want to do it anymore? If, as a tank/healer you were constantly badgered when you weren’t the best possible, would you want to heal or tank anymore? Would think it was worth it?

Have you hugged a dps today?

Multi-Language PuGs.

So on friday night, I had a bit of spare time and popped onto my druid, planning on getting some random heroics and raids done. I did every boss up to the gates of Ulduar except Razorscale, and I got a pretty trinket, finally earning me the achievement Epic. Then I opened he random heroic dungeon finder, figuring I need those 2 frost badges. I got the Old Kingdom as my PuG, and the first time some speaks…. “(insert french here)”. So I wandered through the heroic clueless until we wiped because I was trying to find a translator app at the same time as healing. So then I tabbed over to a french translator and ran through “I’m sorry, my fault. Also, I don’t speak french.” I copy/paste that and got “Oh, we all understand english, we’re just making jokes about our gay friend.” So I sighed and facepalmed myself and had a happy run. Then I open up the dungeon finder again, figuring it can’t be any worse than a french group.

WRONG. I get the group of chinese speaking people! But hey, I know a bit of chinese, or at least enough to stumble through “I’m sorry, I only speak a little bit of chinese.” So after fumbling around for the tone mark alt keys, I type that up and get a flood of chinese in return, but I pick through it and find the words “mei wen ti”. That means No problem. So I actually have a nice group while I decipher bits and pieces of what they are saying. But how is this worse? Because I CAN make out bits and pieces of what they’re saying, and my paranoia section is having lots of fun going “Omg they are all saying I am a bad healer AHHHHHHHH!!!!!” But then my cousin arrived and introduced me to small furry animals nomming food on youtube, and all was good. NOM-NOM-NOM NOM-NOM-NOM NOM!!!!

Herding Cats: Herder and Cat.


So, you’ve decided you want to herd cats. You might not know this is what you are doing, but you are. You decided to form a raid, didn’t you? If you didn’t then you can read the cat section. First, you need to decide where you want to go. If you don’t have a good grasp of where you are going, then my advice to you is simply: Don’t do it. The group can tell when the raid leader doesn’t know what they are doing, and that affects the entire group. Find a group for it. Unless it’s Naxxramas (No one wants to go there anymore), then you can /faceroll the entire thing and it doesn’t matter. Once you know where you have to go, plan out ahead of time what you need and what classes you really want. Shamans are one thing I always want- and a good paladin in any roll is nice. So lets say you need 5 dps, 2 tanks, and 3 healers. You need to say what ratio of ranged/melee dps you need. Also, you need to let people learn. 1 or 2 wipes -with improvement- should be expected with any PuG raid. Don’t ask for the achievement. How are people going to get it if only people with the achievement can get in? So now I’m going to summarize .

1. Have a plan of what you want and need.

2. Know the raid you are going to.

3. Know when not to push it any more.

4. Wipes are expected. Live with them.

5. Don’t ask for the achievement!

6. Don’t shout at people who ask questions/don’t know fight. That will not help, and in fact will hurt the raid.

7. Be polite, even when others are not.


Enter the cats!

So you’ve joined a raid. If you haven’t, and in fact have nothing to do with raids, then go play outside in Crystalsong forest. Especially if you’re n undead, go get a tan! I’m going to assume you have a nice raid leader. If you don’t, I’ll address that later. If you don’t know much about the raid, speak up. I should say that if you want to going a raid, you should read up on the WoWHead strategies before joining one. To be the M.S.A.(most-sought-after) raider, do not yell at the raid leader if they are inexperienced. Do not shout at them every time they make a decision you don’t agree with, and try to pay attention to them. When the raid leader has legitimately made a mistake, point it out to them in whisper. If they don’t respond of change, then escalate to saying it in raid. In the same vein as above…. EXPECT WIPES, DANGIT!!!!!!

Now, if your raid leader is a terrible, yelling, annoying, person, unless the entire group is willing to stick with it, I have not yet had a group where that ended up well. People got annoyed and left, shouting in capitals/over vent happened… bail unless there are definite signs the group will pull through, or maybe reform without the leader. It is not worth the abuse that can be sustained when your raid leader is a horrible cranky person. It can make you second guess your own abilities when there’s nothing wrong. But always make sure that they are shouting for no reason, because often they take a small grain of truth and blow it up and out of all proportion.

My First Bad Group(kinda)

So yesterday I popped online and queued up for a random heroic! Lo and Behold, I –wait a sec, dungeon finder just popped. Okay wait, it popped again. Okay, I’m back.—-had my first bad group. I’m amazed at how bad it was. NO one broke 3k dps, not even the rogue. The tank, however, was tanking ret. I mentioned it and he said “I can handle it, I’ve got my tanking gear, I just forgot to spec my secondary.” They all had really good gear, ilvl 232 and up. And yet I was second on the who is taking damage meter, the tank was above 2 of the dps on the dps meter, and my overheal was tiny. Why? Because they were taking so much damage that my HoTs were almost always healing something instead of overhealing. Nourish became the 1# used heal, followed by Rejuv and Regrowth. The only reason I didn’t die was because I sacrificed the dps to the death god that King Ymiron worships. And then, on the first boss, I said “Wait, let me grab a drink before you pull.” I’d been using my innervate on myself and no one else(shut-up mage, I’m healing you! I need my mana!) but it was on CD. The tank /shrugged and so I sat and drank. And then, at 1/2 mana, he charged up and pulled, with the dps close behind. I was fed up, so I just kept on drinking until full mana, and then tried to toss a natures swiftness+healing touch the tank’s way… but LoS prevented me. Of course it was LoS and not my wish to see them all die ;>.> <.<; . So the boss chewed through all the dps and I popped shadowmeld.

“WT*??? healer sucks!”
“Yeah! Why the **** did you not heal us!?”
-> the mage “And she won’t even innervate me! kick her!”
At which point I remarked “You may have a tank, but healers are still something you wait a few minutes for.”
So I wasn’t kicked and I made them all run back. We went through the boss with only one death. (mages aren’t tanks, dangit!). And continued on. On the next boss the tank dies and I refuse to battle rez him, so the rogue tanks and holds much better aggro. We kill the boss and move on after rezzing the tank. On trash pulls (trash pulls!) the tank overpulled 3 times. As in 10 mobs at once, all over the group. All these times I pop shadowmeld and rez them, but they aren’t getting GoTW now, oh no. They are getting MoTW and the tank is only getting thorns because he needs it. Once we finally get to the final boss…

The tank forgets to pull the mobs first:
“WT*?!?!!?!?!??! How did that thing kill us all so quickly?”
Me (Shadowmelded):
“……Because you’re an idiot? You’ve been overpulling the entire run and now you forgot to pull the trash first. You’ve got a ret spec, the dps can’t break 3k, and I should’ve left after the first boss.”
I get sworn at and told
“We’ve got great gear, we can handle a ****ing boss.”
I just sit and rez them, we kill the trash, I delay until shadowmeld is back up, and let them die. I get sworn at again “OMG JUST HEAL US! WE DON’T REALLY NEED YOU, OUR GEAR IS GREAT!” They pull the boss and I leave the group with a “;-) Have fun killing it with your great gear and no healer!”
….it was worth the 15min debuff, it really was.

The moral of this story: Tanks and Healers go together like frosting and cake; you can live without one or the other, but you won’t be happy. Dps, bah. They’re sprinkles! We only need them because we haven’t figured out how to kill stuff quickly yet.

Hello again

mm-hmm. My computer hates secure connections. Welcome back from the holidays with a HoR run-through.

You enter the unhallowed halls and a chill runs down your spine… the chill…. of much text. I won’t spoil it for you, but after a few times it gets boring and a bit ho-hum, get on with it. Eventually the Lich King will come down the hallway and speak… MORE. At this point you begin to wonder if anything will ever become attackable. However, those fears soon go away as the Lich King calls in his two companions…. Falric and Marwyn!

This will begin a fight like in the Violet Hold. After 5 waves of ghosts, with 3-4 ghosts to a wave, Falric will engage. This will be a lot easier if you have someone who can dispell magic in your group. If you don’t, expect a death or two but work very hard to prevent that. There will be fears, magic DoTs, and lots of damage all around. Keep HoTs up on everyone during this fight, and if you have glpyh of swiftmend, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of re-applications.  Once you take him down, on normal you might get a nice helm upgrade(Fallen Sentry’s Hood, ilvl219). After the last ghost waves, you’ll come to fight Falric’s Deathknight like brother, Marywn.

If Falric was horrible for you, you probably won’t like Marwyn either. Don’t bother dispelling his effects, because one of them will split the damage to everyone. For the healers, it’s like Falric. Roll the HoTs on everyone, and toss a lifebloom or two on those who have a well of corruption, or, if you prefer, dark purple hard to see circle that does damage.They need to run out of that, by the way, because otherwise they will die horribly. Marwyn has Frayed Abomination Stitching Shoulders on normal and Ephemeral Snowflake, a yummy trinket for those having problem in mana regen or looking to shuffle gems. He’ll also drop Sightless Crown of Ulmaas and Suspiciously Soft Gloves.

Tanks, if you can hold aggro on all of these, it’s a tank n’ spank. If you’re low on health, pop your emergency buttons one at a time and don’t yell at your healers “OMG WHERE ARE TEH HEALS!?” We’re healing you just as fast as we can, and yelling at us does not increase our haste. Falric will give you a nice cloak:Eerie Runeblade Polisher(which Marwyn drops also) on normal and Spaulders of Black Betrayal on heroic. Marwyn will give you Carpal Tunnelers on normal(along with cloak) and Choking Hauberk on heroic.

Then… when these 2 people are vanquished, you will walk up the hallways to the Lich King only to see (Insert Faction Appropriate person here) almost dead against the might of the Lich King. She’ll freeze him, giving your group a head start as you flee from his wrath. He’ll put up 4 ice barriers that your faction person will break down. This will only happen once you’ve killed the waves of ghouls the Lich King will send to slow you down. You’ve got to hurry to hurry in this process, because he’s slowly walking towards you, and if he catches up you are dead. D-E-A-D, even shadowmelded. (As I found out from a PuG). And since this final boss drops so many pieces both restoration and feral druids can use, I’m linking it to you and muttering something about haste and celestial focus.

Patch 3.3, Impressions pt 2


I remember way back on the PTR when the forgemaster guys was bugged. He jumped away and never ever came back. Was sad =( I haven’t really gone into the new dungeons, so my advice here will be all from the last PTR patch before it was released. Sorry y’all, I will fix this situation. But anyhoo. Forge of Sauron, let’s start with that. The forgemaster is a pretty simple fight. Mostly. Keep him faced away from the group, because then they’ll know when he’s trying to throw saronite on them. When that happens, they need to run. NO I don’t care if it messes with your dps, do it! Once the big chunk of saronite is thrown, he’ll jump over to his forge and make himself a new weapon. (‘Now you’re making me angry!’, anyone?) Everyone needs to get behind the big chunk of saronite and kill the adds that spawn. He’ll be casting an AoE, but if you did what I told you to, and GOT BEHIND THE BIG CHUNK OF SARONITE, then you’ll be fine and not taking damage. This happens 2-3 times and then he’s dead on you get your pretty purple pixels. Just the usual keep HoTs up, blah blah for healing. Tanks…. erm…. just position yourselves and get behind the saronite and you should be fine.

Krick and Ick, anyone?

Ick, a plague bomb, eruptor, whatever is a minion to Krick the leper gnome, who’s a big pansy. This fight is,for healers, OMGOMGPOSIONCLEANSECLEANSEACKHEALTANNKHEALEREVERYONEAHHH! Or you can keep your cool, but I’m not to good at that. BAsically: Lots of stuff on the floor to move out of, AoE’s that you hopefully don’t have to worry about because you’re far enough away, RIGHT? RIGHT? and poison. And run away if they pursue you. EheheheheheheheheehhHAHAHAHAHAHA or they will go “lol2hitkolol”. Tanks, run away from green blobs on the ground. And occasionally, Krick will call out a bomb AoE you need to move away from. At the end, Ick dies and Krick is a big coward and is killed by mysterious figure A. -nodnod-

You know? I’ll finish this when I’m not half-delirious from needing sleep.

Then you get to run a gauntlet! You lucky people <3. Run as far up as you can, apply HoTs on all, because the mobs can randomly aggro onto the dps. Do NOT automatically assume it is the dps’ fault! ALWAYS check to make sure it wasn’t your fault. Tanks, pop your AoE aggro effects. ONCE you finish that, you’ll get into an icy cave where you need to stay out of green circles because you’ll get hurt if you stand in them like whatshimname, Hodir? Yeah. Hodir. Where eventually.. if you’ve been good… and you haven’t pouted or cried… you’ll come out and find…

SCOURGELORD TYRANNUS!(Mysterious Figure A) Give him a round of applause, ladies and gents, he got far enough in the arena season to win a frostwyrm! After a bit of dialogue, he’ll jump off of it and begin the fight. If you’ve got ranged dps, get them on him while he talks and then have the tank(maybe you, maybe not) pick him up when he drops. His frostwyrm, Rimefang will be flying overhead shooting frostbolts at people, and you can’t target him and kill him. If you get a big red arrow over your head, run around but not close to other people, because rimefang wants to be your BESTEST friend, but he doesn’t know how to do that any way but shooting frostbolts at you so you can be scourged. Now the Scourgelord has a powerful bit of spike damage that he’ll cast every so often. You need to have all hots on tank and be casting a big heal, or as a tank pop your survival instincts if you can see the healer won’t be able to make it. Now after he’s done this, he likes empowering himself. Remember how Rimefang wants to be your BESTEST friend? Run over the ice that he’s been shooting to slow down the scourgelord while he’s empowered, otherwise he’ll go “Lawlzpewpewpewyoudead!” Now if the dps receives the scourgelord’s mark, they need to STOP DOING DAMAGE and try not to get hurt, because their damage will be hurting the tank and healing done to them will be done to the scourgelord, but bigger heals. NO I DON’T CARE IT’S AFFECTING YOUR DPS, GO SIT IN A CORNER! Once you’ve done all of this and killed him, Rimefang will be sad watching his second bestest buddy die, and fly away. And you get more pretty purple pixels!

-Brought to you be only SLIGHTY hyper/sleepy (how does that work anyways?) Alienea. And I sprained my ankle and my pinkie finger, ow. And when I say tomorrow, I get around to it at night you if I say tomorrow on tuesday come back on thursday.

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