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Raid Mindset

So, on Sat night, we went in. After a ton of wipes in phase 1, and one in phase 2 (that was in between the phase 1 wipes) We killed Rhyloith. And to paraphrase our Raid Leader: “Why the f*** can’t you do this all the time?! I just saw you take Rhyloith down so smoothly Casually Addicted”, the top guild on our server,”would be jealous! And yet we’ve wiped to stupid s*** on other attempts. F*** switch are you all throwing to do stuff like this?” He’s constantly saying stuff like that. And, well, he has a point. We can go into Firelands, and for some reason on all the good attempts, everything goes smoothly. We’re communicating, we’re not standing in anything, we’re stacking or not stacking and getting everything down correctly and the dps range from 16-24k. I saw that on Shannox and Lord Rhy-Rhy, and, well, I agree with our raidleader.

We’re not in a raid mindset on the wipes. And when we are, we are quite capable of beating down anything we d*mn well want to with only a few attempts. I’m not sure why sometimes, the switch flips and we suddenly become, again steal words from Jjesse’s mouth, Paragon, or any top guild.  I wish I knew how to make sure that in Firelands, it was always switched. It’s quite frustrating to wipe to Beth’tilac time after time– after we’ve seen her at 2% and if she just hadn’t eaten one spiderling, she’d be dead. We had to call it. WTF!?

So, I look at my healing. I look at who I’m healing, my overhealing, my HoT uptime, my activity, who died when. I’m proud to say that the part of the raid I heal is highly unlikely to die first. It happened once twice tonight, on a dozen or so wipes. One time, the spiderling killer was out of range, and one time I just didn’t get to the person fast enough, and I’m beating myself up about that. If they’d been alive, would we have had the kill? I try to make sure that I AM in raid mentality. That I AM doing everything I possibly can. That I’m bringing potions, cookies, flasks. Even though the guild provides feasts and cauldrons, we can run out of feasts. We all need to farm more. I try to use my warlock cookies, and I try to use tranquility every time I can use it and still have it when I need it. I’m certain there’s something I could do better. Maybe some reforging, I know that I’m not quite at a haste breakpoint and so I should either reforge to get to it or reforge to other stats until I can reach it. I give my innervate to other people. I still get 10% mana, and I have the luxury to potion of concentration, they don’t.

I know my raid group can kill the bosses when they’re in raid mentality. It really annoys me that sometimes, we’re not.

I know I did everything I could think of at the time, and it wasn’t enough to kill the boss. I know it’s not all on me. But f*** it, I feel like it is.

….After all, don’t you know it’s always the healer’s fault?



Good news, everyone! On Thursday the 11th, instead of going in BWD like we had planned due to a warlock being a bit late, although we knew that was going to happen. So, the RL polled for common consensus and  we went to farm Firelands Trash. And then when the ‘lock got on, we decided “hey, why not just keep on doing this and work on SHannox some more? We can always just do BWD sat or something.” We cleared enough trash that Shannox appeared (and got 3 epics and one epic pattern in the process, woot woot). After one wipe, during which our main tank our our tank’s healer’s computer (I’m not really clear on this) randomly decided to restart. Ooooops. WIPE.

But then… but then, on the next pull, we did it. Cleanly. The only person that died was the MT, literally 2 seconds before Shannox died. And we got an Eternal Ember, which, after much discussion, went to the warlock.

Our not-very-complicated strategy:

Kill Rageface.

-easy enough, just focus the dog

Take Shannox to 35% and then kill Riplimb.

-we postioned our Riplimb tank in such a way that the stacks would reset with just the dk slow.

Kill Shannox.


(And then we went and beat up Al’akir)

If you have never done the Al’akir fight before, and you hear your raid leader say “okay, I need a ranged dps and a healer to volunteer for Rohash”, do not happily move to where he indicated volunteers should go. Especially don’t do it if you notice the other healers backing away from that location.

Conclave of the Four Winds!

I was on Rohash with a warlock. Yes, there were only the two of us. The warlock was tanking Rohash, and I was healing and tossing random wraths at Rohash when I had the time.

We both failed on wind blast a few times, but then I had a GREAT IDEA. This was to run into Rohash when he was about to cast it, and then just stay directly behind him the entire time, with much less movement needed to stay the heck out of it.

…You know, I’m not certain what everyone else was doing…

I heard something about switching targets, blah blah “oh noes switch NOW!” “ULTIMATE COMING!” and things like that. I just, uhm, avoided tornados and windblast and kept the ‘lock and myself alive. Eventually we finished beating him up after we failed a few times and the other groups failed a few times.


This nasty little &@$^@*# son of a misbegotten wind camel and a particularly nasty-tempered banana pudding was VERY annoying. Mainly because on wipe #1, we were in phase 1 and everyone failed to squall line. The next 8 or so wipes were on phase 3 with him at anywhere from 100k-800 health. Yes, really 800 health. That was the very last wipe of the night, after that everyone got so annoyed that he died rather than face our wrath.

Phase one:

I was assigned to one group of 3-4 people, depending on how it had been shifted around, and this did not include a tank.  I kept them alive, and watched for squall lines, which are lines of tornados with a gap in them. You need to stand in this gap. We also all ran in on Wind Blast, where Al’akir blasts everyone away from him. Sometimes these coincided with squall lines, at which point I wondered if Al’akir had broken his programming and was being sadistic.

Phase 2:

Not that much different from a healing perspective. There’s now Acid Rain, which is consistent raid-wide damage. Since the nerf, I didn’t even notice it was there. Everything else is the same for healers, but for dps there’s now adds that need to die because they apply a stacking debuff to Al’akir. Once the dps have beat up on him enough..

Phase 3:

He gives you the ability to fly and breaks the platform. (Why is he giving us the ability to fly? What the heck, does he WANT to die?) At this point you’re in a race against time. We popped hero here as soon as everyone was gathered at the bottom of Al’akir, right above the Lightning Clouds that he spawns at the very bottom. We moved up every time he spawned more of those, and dpsed him like mad while the healers tried to keep everyone alive. We were definitely sloppy on this phase, as not everyone would be in my range the entire time, and we were supposed to stay grouped up. Actually, the Lightning Rod,(or whatever) targets were not supposed to be in my range, but besides them. The time we killed him, I turned into a tree and did mad wrath spam once we reached the top while tossing lifeblooms around.  He died after tree form wore off.

Raid Bossness

(special abilities have been requested and have now been added)


So. This idea has been rattling around in my head. I’m going to make myself into a raid boss. One of those multiple boss fights that everyone HATES. And I’m sticking my friend’s chars in it. Health numbers were gotten by dividing up Ony’s health into 3 pieces and adjusted for squishyness. Someday Soon™ a shaman guide part 1 will come out, but until then…. >=D

Boss name: Alienea the Crazy/Grievous the Serene/Akomar the Logical

Alienea the Crazy:

Lvl ?? Druid boss.

1,626,916 health 10 man/7,437,333k 25man

1.1 million mana


Rejuvenation, ticks for 5.5k (needs to be stolen or dispelled)

Bear/Cat forms. Cannot be dispelled, will only go away after X amount of damage.

Cat::: Rip, Mangle, Faerie Fire. Rip will last for 6 seconds, Mangle for 20 and Faerie Fire for 15. They will act just like druid forms of the moves, except they will deal MOAR damage.

Bear::: Lacerate(stackable to 5, need 2 tanks to switch off because at 5 it will deal around  3,000 damage per 5.) Mangle, Maul and a 180 degree Swipe(necessitating facing me away from the raid)

Grievous the Serene:

Lvl ?? Priest boss.

4.5 million mana

1,226,000 health 10 man/4,100,132k 25man


Renew: heals for 3000-4000 per tick (10 ticks) . Needs to be dispelled/stolen.

Power Word: Shield ::Same as Priest Power Word: Shield except it will absorb up to 15k damage. Can be dispelled but not stolen.

Shadow Word: Pain ::Same as Priest one, but cast on random raid member and deals 3-4k damage per tick.

Smite: Deals 5-6k to a tank with no holy resistance.

(ohgodwhatshouldIdo-) Final Sacrifice: Acting somewhat like a paladin’s DI, this spell is activated upon death and heals the raid boss’ health back up to 90%. Grievous then DIES.

And, of course…. Mind Control! Controls a player for 15 seconds. They will attack the 10th person on the threat meters.

Akomar the Logical:

Level ?? Mage boss.

4.3 million mana

1,311,000 health 10 man/5,437,296k 25man


Arcane Explosion: This will be a channeled, non-interupptable attack that he will call out.

He will also rotate through the standard 2-button rotation that the real Akomar has showed me.

Arcane Blast-Arcane Blast-Arcane Blast- 50% chance for Arcane Blast again, if not, then Arcane Missiles.-Arcane Missiles if not already cast, and then it starts over. Non of that is disruptable.

Every 5-10 seconds, he’ll launch a glob of fire into the air. If it lands on someone, then they will gain the debuff “Dalaran Fire” and will have to run away from everyone else to stop it from spreading. Deals 5-6 k per 3seconds. You SHOULD be able to run away from it as it will be announced as a green circle on the floor.

Kill order: Grievous, Alienea, Akomar (easy) Alienea Grievous Akomar (Hard). If you leave Grievous or Alienea last, then they will get angry and rez the others. The strat for killing us will be posted later.

Computer troubles already!

Actually, I’m just switching to a new computer. That’s going to take a day or two more, but in the mean time, Alienea shares this tidbit of wisdom with you:


Healers, unless the tank will die if you don’t get a heal on them, move out of the bad stuff. Druids? You should have HoTs on your tank and swiftmend, so you don’t have this excuse. If they die, dump aggro and rebirth them.
–Put HoTs on tank, keep them on at all times. Now, assuming you’ve done this, the following checklist.
1. Is the tank going to die if you don’t cast a heal? Yes? then move to step 2 and it had better have been spike damage doing that. If not, move to step 5
2. Swiftmend and do step 5. Is swiftmend down? Move to step 3.
3. Are you doing to die if you stay in it long enough to cast Regrowth/Nourish? Then go to step 5, if not go to step 4
4. Cast Regrowth/Nourish and then get out of it and heal your tank up. WG them to help the melee that refused to move out of it. If they still don’t, let them eat floor and don’t strain yourself to help the melee, especially if they have been told to get out of it, and they should know not to stay in stuff on the floor unless told to do so. Ranged shouldn’t encounter as much and should move also, but it they don’t, rejuv them and then let them eat floor if they stay in it, same as melee. All need to learn.

TANKS! The healers would rather not have to heal you through that when there is ALWAYS! ALWAYS! A melee or ranged dps who refuses to move. We need to help them, without worrying you’ll be telling us whether the floor really tastes of chocolatey goodness, as we try not to find out. So please, please… move out of it.

DPS! Move out of it. The momentary loss of your dps is better than dying, and hurting the group, not to mention your gear, because you refused to move out of the BAD STUFF.

Now, tanks. Of course we always move out of the bad stuff. But when you have time on your hands, try to help the healers out by popping your cooldowns when big spike damage comes. I do this by using survival instincts if I get low, because then my healer is not going “AHHHHHHHHH HEALTH IS SO LOW MUST RISK OWN LIFE FOR THE TANK!” Of course, some of them shadowmeld and let us wipe. That is recommended when it’s been called a wipe and your gear is about to break, but not before then. And of course, be willing to pop innv on the healer if it won’t kill you. If it will kill you, then it’s just not helping, but you can ask them to come closer and you’ll trade them a mana pot or something similar.

Thank you,

P.S. I made this post on my iPod for those wondering. Very annoying -.-