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(And then we went and beat up Al’akir)

If you have never done the Al’akir fight before, and you hear your raid leader say “okay, I need a ranged dps and a healer to volunteer for Rohash”, do not happily move to where he indicated volunteers should go. Especially don’t do it if you notice the other healers backing away from that location.

Conclave of the Four Winds!

I was on Rohash with a warlock. Yes, there were only the two of us. The warlock was tanking Rohash, and I was healing and tossing random wraths at Rohash when I had the time.

We both failed on wind blast a few times, but then I had a GREAT IDEA. This was to run into Rohash when he was about to cast it, and then just stay directly behind him the entire time, with much less movement needed to stay the heck out of it.

…You know, I’m not certain what everyone else was doing…

I heard something about switching targets, blah blah “oh noes switch NOW!” “ULTIMATE COMING!” and things like that. I just, uhm, avoided tornados and windblast and kept the ‘lock and myself alive. Eventually we finished beating him up after we failed a few times and the other groups failed a few times.


This nasty little &@$^@*# son of a misbegotten wind camel and a particularly nasty-tempered banana pudding was VERY annoying. Mainly because on wipe #1, we were in phase 1 and everyone failed to squall line. The next 8 or so wipes were on phase 3 with him at anywhere from 100k-800 health. Yes, really 800 health. That was the very last wipe of the night, after that everyone got so annoyed that he died rather than face our wrath.

Phase one:

I was assigned to one group of 3-4 people, depending on how it had been shifted around, and this did not include a tank.  I kept them alive, and watched for squall lines, which are lines of tornados with a gap in them. You need to stand in this gap. We also all ran in on Wind Blast, where Al’akir blasts everyone away from him. Sometimes these coincided with squall lines, at which point I wondered if Al’akir had broken his programming and was being sadistic.

Phase 2:

Not that much different from a healing perspective. There’s now Acid Rain, which is consistent raid-wide damage. Since the nerf, I didn’t even notice it was there. Everything else is the same for healers, but for dps there’s now adds that need to die because they apply a stacking debuff to Al’akir. Once the dps have beat up on him enough..

Phase 3:

He gives you the ability to fly and breaks the platform. (Why is he giving us the ability to fly? What the heck, does he WANT to die?) At this point you’re in a race against time. We popped hero here as soon as everyone was gathered at the bottom of Al’akir, right above the Lightning Clouds that he spawns at the very bottom. We moved up every time he spawned more of those, and dpsed him like mad while the healers tried to keep everyone alive. We were definitely sloppy on this phase, as not everyone would be in my range the entire time, and we were supposed to stay grouped up. Actually, the Lightning Rod,(or whatever) targets were not supposed to be in my range, but besides them. The time we killed him, I turned into a tree and did mad wrath spam once we reached the top while tossing lifeblooms around.  He died after tree form wore off.


Hate: OMG NO HEALS WHERE ARE THE HEALS OH GO— *fakedead* *mobs resist* *dead* Need…haelz… please…

Love: Haha, go Spect! (my ghostsaber kitty, full name Spectress) Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew wow 112dps at 32? Pew-pew-pew-pew-AGGRO-FD-Hahaha I don’t have to worry about anything. No tank/healer pressure or guilt, just Pew-pew-pew-pew-I think you get the idea.

Eagleb the hunter started as something for my sister, way back in the year 200X (where X>6 but <9). She was watching me shoot Wraths at bears, and she said she wanted a character. I shrugged, logged out, and took her to the character creation screen where we made a lil’ baby hunter that I never actually intended to play. A couple of years pass, and she’s sitting at level 30, dusty and fully rested. STV defeats 75% of all my characters. (Note: 86.9% of all statistics on blog are made up or are approximation.) So we went into STV and ran away crying, and that was it until the LFG tool came out. Now she’s 32 and a lot and I’m thinking she might make it farther, if only so I can tame a Devilsaur and name it ‘Omnomnivour’. Yes, Eagle has been BM from the start and I’m not changing her now. Rawr! -toddles off to read hunter blogs before remembering that I have an announcement-

I’m Exalted with Gnomergan!

*whirrr*  *clank*  *giggle*

I also have my mutant drake.

For Gnomergan!

You might be saying: “But Alienea, you’re a druid! Gnommers can’t be druids!” And yes, that is true. But I ❤ Mechanostriders. Those polluting, noisy, clanking metal birds. So I’m grinding up the rep, bit by bit, to get to exalted. I’m 2/3 of the way through revered, and grinding runecloth, (you see, the AH prices are ridiculous and I’m poor after buying my red drake), but darnit it’ll be worth it! One of my friends has acted like I’m crazy when I say I like mechanostriders. I was a little baby druid running around Duskwood and she’d brought her baby mage out. Her mage was level 41 or something, and it had a mechanostrider. I was in the high 20’s range of levels, and back in those days we got our mounts at 40/60/70, not 20/30/60 or whatever crazy thing they use these days, gol-darnit. I said something along the lines of ‘Ooo, that’s really cool, I like it.’ She responded with something like ‘Are you crazy? I hate this nasty noisy metal bird. I wish I could use anything else!’ So I mumbled something about how I thought it was cool and we continued on our merry way, and I got beaten up by Stitches later. I think it was around then I acquired a 2nd stalker, although at that point he was just a nice in-game friend. It was later he turned into a stalker. -waves at stalker, realizes he hasn’t been on in a while, check the armory, finds a ring from PoS, shrugs and remembers that there’s no way he could know about the blog- So, here I am, grinding runecloth. I also dusted off my hunter and you might get a post about either: “omg, I REMEMBER why I abandoned her now!” or “Oh hai LFG it’s not so bad now.” Also, I just realized what with patch 3.3.5 or whatever coming and all, I could probably get rep that way. But haha no. FOR METAL BIRDS!