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(And then we went and beat up Al’akir)

If you have never done the Al’akir fight before, and you hear your raid leader say “okay, I need a ranged dps and a healer to volunteer for Rohash”, do not happily move to where he indicated volunteers should go. Especially don’t do it if you notice the other healers backing away from that location.

Conclave of the Four Winds!

I was on Rohash with a warlock. Yes, there were only the two of us. The warlock was tanking Rohash, and I was healing and tossing random wraths at Rohash when I had the time.

We both failed on wind blast a few times, but then I had a GREAT IDEA. This was to run into Rohash when he was about to cast it, and then just stay directly behind him the entire time, with much less movement needed to stay the heck out of it.

…You know, I’m not certain what everyone else was doing…

I heard something about switching targets, blah blah “oh noes switch NOW!” “ULTIMATE COMING!” and things like that. I just, uhm, avoided tornados and windblast and kept the ‘lock and myself alive. Eventually we finished beating him up after we failed a few times and the other groups failed a few times.


This nasty little &@$^@*# son of a misbegotten wind camel and a particularly nasty-tempered banana pudding was VERY annoying. Mainly because on wipe #1, we were in phase 1 and everyone failed to squall line. The next 8 or so wipes were on phase 3 with him at anywhere from 100k-800 health. Yes, really 800 health. That was the very last wipe of the night, after that everyone got so annoyed that he died rather than face our wrath.

Phase one:

I was assigned to one group of 3-4 people, depending on how it had been shifted around, and this did not include a tank.  I kept them alive, and watched for squall lines, which are lines of tornados with a gap in them. You need to stand in this gap. We also all ran in on Wind Blast, where Al’akir blasts everyone away from him. Sometimes these coincided with squall lines, at which point I wondered if Al’akir had broken his programming and was being sadistic.

Phase 2:

Not that much different from a healing perspective. There’s now Acid Rain, which is consistent raid-wide damage. Since the nerf, I didn’t even notice it was there. Everything else is the same for healers, but for dps there’s now adds that need to die because they apply a stacking debuff to Al’akir. Once the dps have beat up on him enough..

Phase 3:

He gives you the ability to fly and breaks the platform. (Why is he giving us the ability to fly? What the heck, does he WANT to die?) At this point you’re in a race against time. We popped hero here as soon as everyone was gathered at the bottom of Al’akir, right above the Lightning Clouds that he spawns at the very bottom. We moved up every time he spawned more of those, and dpsed him like mad while the healers tried to keep everyone alive. We were definitely sloppy on this phase, as not everyone would be in my range the entire time, and we were supposed to stay grouped up. Actually, the Lightning Rod,(or whatever) targets were not supposed to be in my range, but besides them. The time we killed him, I turned into a tree and did mad wrath spam once we reached the top while tossing lifeblooms around.  He died after tree form wore off.



I realize this is all horribly behind the times, and I’m sorry. But it’s so much fun!

…. Anyways.

Tonight <It Was Epic> went in and stabbed Chimmy to death on one try. After one healer, one tank, and a few dps died. Mweheehee. I had so much fun tree-wrathing in the second phase

Two-shotted Atramedes, moved on to Nef. The night is yet young, so I believe we can do it.

But first, Chimy as I did it.

*heal people up frantically to more than 10% while making sure they have their warlock cookies and are using them*

*tranq on first bot failure*

*see that a healer died*

*frantically take over the tank healing they were doing also along with other healer*

*use warlock cookie to not have to heal self during slime*

*go back to frantically healing*

*innv and pop trink as it’s come off cd*

*frantic healing*


*more frantic hea— wait, phase two, tree form and wrath spam!*

*dead dragon*



And then, Atramedes!

He was… fun? We stacked up range and melee, moved pretty much in synch to avoid things, and gracefully brought the flames that tracked on people around so that only one person got hit. Then the air phase wiped us.

…Then we came back in, did the same thing, and assigned ONE PERSON to the gongs. One person died (sorry Celynn) and the rest of us lived and killed him. Two dead dragons, no loot for either druid in the raid.

Onto Nefarian! I’ll save you the suspense, he died.

After 3 tries, but he died! One wipe on phase one, one wipe on phase two, and one wipe on phase three. The next time it was a dead Neffy.

I was assigned to healing the neffy tank, which was fun, although I did cheat and sneak in heals on the raid. And yet, I ended with a good 30% mana, using my innv and trink every time it was up, and a priest hymn… I should be casting more. Had to take over some raid heals in phase three when the raid healer died. Overall, it was very smooth when we did get him down. I had fun pretending to be a dps killing the mob on my pillar. Went on to (hopefully, I need to wait for him to get back on) some RP with a friend.


Oh, and apparently I sound like the girl on TankSpot who does their videos. Who knew?




Good news, Everyone!

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the Prof.Putricide quote…


….So, this happened when I wasn’t blogging.

Before the 20% nerf, I went in and healed Cho’gall to 32% with a very nice guild, and they mentioned they would be interested in bringing me into that guild. And I’ve thought about it, and then tonight/last night(July8th)

Sadly after the nerf….

I went in with the same people. Well, they also had PuGs like the last time. I was told that, apparently, I am a very good healer. *shrug*, sure. (there was no squeeing involved when they invited me back in or when I was told that. At all. Vicious lies, all of it.)

We beat up Cho’gall in one try, and moved on to BWD, because the night hadn’t even started yet and who wanted to quit then?!

We beat up Magmaw, and Omnomnomnitron, and Maloriak. And then wiped once twice three times on Chimy. We weren’t spreading back out quickly enough after the ‘bot went online. We’ll probably get it tonight then, and I can start posting what I think of all the fights.

Level 85!

My druid is level 85. She had fun getting up to 85. The quests were fun, the storylines epic, and the cutscenes well done, even if there were too many of them in Uldum. But I have bad news for you.

Heroics are hard now.

(no really)


Mana is an issue

(yes, for srs.)

You need to think about what you’re casting.

(otherwise, you go OOM)

And good news!

You don’t have to keep everyone at 100%

(you really don’t)

You don’t have to cover for the dps’ mistakes anymore, because if you do, than you can quite easily OOM and fail to keep the tank alive.

(Just make sure it is their fault)

Blues are no longer horrible, blues are what you should be entering raids with.

(Although you can still buy purples with valor points)

Druids still rock. Once I got in the healing groove, I only dipped downwards from 80% mana during bosses and mistakes on trash pulls. The rotation I’ve been using is Lifebloomx3 on the tank, and then nourish or healing touch as needed to refresh the stack and heal. I toss rejuvenations onto the dps if they dip too far in their health, and swiftmend if they are almost dead. Helpful tip, if you have to choose between healing an almost dead melee or ranged dps, healing the melee with swiftmend will proc efflorescence right by the tank, and the ranged are normally not getting hit as much. I’m still replacing all my greens with ilvl 333+ blues, but it appears as if all is not lost.

Good Luck in Catacylsm!

Insane PuGging

*has no good explanation for absence*

Shaniana met an insane PuG group today.

1 Worgen Warrior, 1 Night Elf Death Knight(tank), 1 Dwarf Hunter, 1 Human Paladin and Shani.

I zone in to an already in progress dungeon, sighing inside because that almost never ends well. I clicked on the DK to check his presence and.. he didn’t have one. Erm.

Understanding that I photoshop ftl, I started out everyone with black and a letter.

Blue P: Paladin is in Blue

Red DK: Death Knight is in Red

Brown W: Warrior is in Brown

Green H: Hunter is in green

the line inbetween Dk: In Combat and “Hold going out” is me saying “Er, you can switch in combat”


Stuff like this makes your healer die a little inside.

…I realize that to some of you, vote kicking may seem extreme. *coughakomarcough* But if you’re not going to admit you can switch presences in combat, and you “never do it that way”, you’re getting a vote kick your way.

*cry* Dk I refuse to heal you. I reserve the right to refuse healing to anyone like this. You never tank like that? I’m sorry, I don’t heal tanks like that. We eventually stuck the concept in his head that you can switch presences in combat after one more minute of arguing. The Paladin is to blame for that minute, as he said to let him try. His methods consisted of yelling obscenities at him. After that, the DK kept on going in and out of blood presence, and the Hunter continued to make snarky comments. We downed Hadronax without having him overwhelmed by buggies and dying without giving us credit. We easily cleared the trash after that, and after engaging Anub’arak… the paladin left. Randomly. No “have to go, guild needs my main”, or “shoot I need to go emergency”. Just *poof* and gone. Alright. Fine.

Slowly getting up to 80

Levitate is for Screenies...

Shani is now level 67. I am such a slow leveler, I know. It only took me… what… I joined WoW a year after BC came out, and then I leveled 70 just in time for WoLK to come out in a month or so. Fun times, no? Shani has been tossed into so many dungeons lately that I’m surprised she hasn’t died more often. She also hasn’t run into any horrible tanks… yet. Even the DKs have been good. But I’m getting very, very, very tired of seeing mail chest+shoulder items drop like they’re just trying to taunt me because I have BoAs. However, I really think I might be able to get her into the mid-70s by, say, Cataclysm. Although if I start leveling her even more, I might get to 80… But that’s probably not going to happen, so. Here’s to getting her to 80!

Yessssss. Blog post time… *watches downloader* oh, yeah, blog post.


Respec Druid, Shaman, Death Knight, Priest, Warlock, Hunter. Check other realms, respec paladin.


Druid: Feral/90%sure Resto. Although, I might just leave it blank or not log back on to my druid. She’s logged in Tree form, dancing with her tedrassil sproutling. Oh, who am I kidding, I love my druid, and I love healing and faceripping. Feral/Resto she is!

I’m going with this for feral and this for resto. Feral is focused more on leveling, while resto is still orientated towards healing groups, still. I’m going to grab furor as I level her in cata in resto– who could pass up 15% more mana?


Shaman: Resto/Something. Ehn has WOLVES. *cough* And she’s lost riptide to my great annoyance, because I was loving having a HoT to use on her.


Death Knight: Blood. She’s my RP char, and although I’ve moved a bit away from her blood-hysteria rage, I’ve been building towards having her get a bit more violent again, because frost and unholy is something the other 2 people are, and we don’t really WANT to switch. I love rune tap too much to give it up like that.


Priest: Lvl 8(or)13. PEW PEW LAZERS! I made the mistake of putting point in holy on my lvl 13 priest, but now she’s going to have lazers, and so will my lvl 8 priest when she gets to 10. Although furbolgs just LOVE to eat her.


Warlock: Always been a demonologist on her, and she’s staying that way. Felguard!


Hunter: Beast Mastery! MY hunter has always been BM and she’ll always be BM.


Paladin: Gosh, I think I have a paladin I’m not really sure, but she’s going to go healer or tank. Healer… and I’d have one alt of every healer… tank.. and I’d have a tank. I’ll think about it.


Everyone: Have fun with patch 4.01, but remember to mourn the trees!

ZOMG! Wait, phooey, does this mean Beta’s out? No, BRK is still posting Alpha doings while not breaking NDA.

According to Blizz, the talent trees are 90/90/85% finished. SO THEY CAN CHANGE.

Link to talent build: http://cata.wowhead.com/talent#0

I’m going to start with analyzing the Tree Talents. Kitty Bear talents in a few days. (Edit: Ah-heh-heh-heh, I’m going away on a familial vacation for  approx 10-13 days… soooo…. Ah-heh. Wait a bit longer.)

These are obviously subject to change. Especially the ©ø∂∂嵘´∂ tree talent.

Tier 1 Resto talents:
Blessing of the Grove 0/2: Increases the healing done by your Rejuvenation by 2/4%, the direct damage of your Moonfire by 3/6%, and the damage done by your Claw and Shred by 2/4%.

A direct bonus to our Rejuv, this will be something every Resto Druid will pick up, as Furor remains useless to us.

Nature’s Focus 0/3: Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attack while casting Healing Touch, Wrath, Entangling Roots, Cyclone, Nourish, Tranquility and Regrowth by 23/46/75%.

Still the same, but now we’ll have to take it to get to tier 2.

Improved Mark of the Wild has been removed.

Furor 0/5: Still useless, not changed. MOVING ONWARDS *fume*

Tier 2 Resto Talents:

Perseverance 0/5: Reduces all spell damage taken by 2/4/6/8/10%

PVP! Now if I actually did PvP, this could be interesting. This has taken the place of Naturalist, which has been moved down a tier (QQ feral druids) to where Intensity now stands. Intensity has been removed.

Subtlety 0/3: Reduces threat caused by Resto spells by 10/20/30%

Now no longer of interest to Balance druids, this just give Restos a straight 10/20/30% reduction in threat. I couldn’t care less, except it looks like we might have to pick this up. Until I see threat issues in Cata, I’ll reserve judgement.

Natural Shapeshifter 0/3: Reduces the mana cost of all shapeshifting by 10/20/30%

This spell, and the one it leads into, Master Shapeshifter are still the same.

Tier 3 Resto Talents:

Naturalist 0/5: Reduces the cast time of your Nourish and Healing Touch spells by .1/.2/.3/.4/.5 sec and increases the damage you do in all forms by 2/4/6/8/10%

By throwing Nourish into the pot, this spell becomes a lot more attractive for druid tank healers. A fast, boosted-by-HoTs spell? I would expect some changes to the Nourish spell or a nerf to talent or spell when Beta pops and Blizzard receives feedback.

Omen of Clarity 0/1: It remains the same, a bulwark against the changes around us.


Master Shapeshifter 0/2: Grants an effect which lasts while the druid is in the respective shapeshift form. Tree of Life: Increases healing by 2/4%.

…Okay, say it with me, WTF!? We’re not going to be in tree form nearly as much, and they said they would redistribute the effects of it into talents. Why hasn’t that gone away? We become super-healer with… special sprinkles on top? Phoooooo, Blizzard. Stick that into some self-buff!

Tier 4 Resto Talents:

Improved Rejuvenation 0/3: Increases the effect of your Rejuvenation and Swiftmend spells by 5/10/15%.

Straight up buff, yahoo. This is part of Blizzard’s ‘okay stick all the tree form stuff into here and c’mon we can cram it in!’ Ah =P ffffft. However, this does do very nice things to Swiftmend, and makes me a happy druid. (But not a tree, cause we won’t be trees anymore, remember?)

Tranquil Spirit 0/5: Still the same, but I would warrant it’ll become much more important because we’ll have to manage our mana more. ATM, my druid does not use it and she has no problems healing through Marrowgar and Deathwhisper without an Innv half of the time.

Tier 5 Resto Talents:

Nature’s Swiftness 0/1: Same old spell. Wonderful when macro’d to Healing Touch!

Improved Tranquility 0/2: Reduces the threat caused by Tranquility by 50/100% and reduces the damage you take while channeling Tranquility by 25/50%

…Tranquility with no threat and you take less damage while casting it? Huh, cool. But the cool down is no longer being reduced 30/60%, making it less useful, but still good for the correct situations.

Tier 6 Resto Talents:

Living Seed 0/3: This is the same as the old talent, but it now leads into an über-cool talent below it.

über-cool talent is über-cool.

Nature’s Bounty 0/5: For rank 1 (and I assume the other later) Increases the critical-effect chance of your Regrowth spell on targets at or below 25% health, and you have a 20% chance when you critically heal with Healing Touch or Nourish to reduce the remaining cool down on your swiftmend spell by .5 sec.

AHH SQUEE but WAIT. This is no longer a flat increase to critical effect chance, but is instead highly situational. But, to counteract that, we get the cookie of being able to reduce the cool down on Swiftmend with critical heals. Ironically, we get this talent before Swiftmend. This is a sneaky nerf—buff to compensate.

Fury of Stormrage 0/3: You have a 5/10/15% chance when you cast Healing Touch or Nourish to be instant cast and cost no mana. Fury of Stormrage lasts 8 sec.

PVP, can you say it with me, PVP! Or this might have something to do with ‘Druids need to be able to DPS while healing even though we want you to have to manage your mana LOLZ’

Tier 7 Resto Talents:

Swiftmend 0/1: Consumes a Rejuvenation of Regrowth effect on a friendly to instantly heal the target for 5306.

I would call HUGE AS NEVER BEFORE SEEN NERF if I didn’t realize that this is most likely a simple placeholder. Or a mistake.

Empowered Touch 0/2: Your Healing Touch heals for 5% more on target at or below 25% health, and your Nourish has a 50% chance to refresh the duration of Lifebloom on your targets.

In Rank 2, it goes back to Live Version. I’m sad to lose the healing bonus on Nourish, but I love the refreshing Lifebloom because I love to stack tanks with it. Also, Blizzard seems to be pushing Healing Touch as a viable heal without glyphing it into uselessness. …I guess… yay… although this means finally a guildie will be right and I’ll be using Healing Touch without Nature’s Swiftness.

Tier 8 Resto Talents:

Efflorescence 0/3: When you critically heal with your Regrowth spell you also sprout a bed of healing flora under the target, healing all friendly targets within 15 yards who stand on them for 10/20/30% of the amount healed by your Regrowth every 1 sec for 7 sec.

Ah Woooooo-hoooo can you say über-cool Lightwell with me? sprout it under a tank and you’ve got melee being healed. Stack your ranged and you’ve got ranged being healed. Of course, people won’t move on to the darned thing because ‘moving impairs dps lololol l2play!’ Has it occurred to you that DYING will DRASTICALLY impede your dps? FAR more than moving, because there won’t BE any dps!

Empowered Rejuvenation 0/5: The bonus effects of your healing-over-time and Swiftmend spells is increased by 4/8/12/16/20%

Straight up buff! Adds on some yummy Swiftmend goodness to this talent.

Natural perfection 0/3: Critical strikes against you give you the natural perfection effect, reducing all damage taken by 2/3/4%. Stacks up to 3 times. Lasts 8 sec.

…Mooo, I preferred old one. Moar spell critical chance! Uhhh…. since all this Cata talent stuff make me think we’ll need it..

Tier 9 Resto Talents: (Pertaining to the much QQed over spell, Tree of Life)

Revitalize 0/3: When your Regrowth or Lifebloom spell heal-over-time periodic damage(?) critically hits, you instantly regenerate 1/2/3% of your total mana. Cannot occur more than once every 6 sec.

Meh. Yes, Meh. One the one hand, Wooooo, we get a mana regen. But… Um… Well, if it worked over the raid people would luf us because it used to regen mana, rage, runic power AND energy. I guess it would’ve been OP, but this new version suits me just fine, especially with the news of ‘You will NEED to conserve your mana and not be whack-a-mole healer’.

Tree of Life. Tree of WE WANT OUR FORM BACK QQQQQQQQ(and yes I qq’d with ya) Life. 0/1: Shapeshift into the Tree of Life, increasing healing done by 15% and armor by 240%, but reducing your movement speed by 50%. In addition, some of your spells are temporarily enhanced while in Tree Form. Lasts 45 sec, 5min CD.

Uhhh….Uh……. Why movement speed? This really needs a post for itself.

Improved Tree of Life 0/3: Reduces the cooldown of ToL by 30/60/90sec and increases your damage done by 15% while in ToL .

WTFBBQ?!?!?!?!! Damage in ToL form lololol? Yay reduced CD, but…… Wuh buh duh Blizzard, I thought we weren’t allowed to dps in ToL and that’s why you nerfed it? Argle mixed messages!!! I don’t understand what Blizz wants to do here.

Tier 10 Resto Talents:

Improved Barkskin 0/2: Grants 80/160% additional armor contribution from cloth and leather armor while in travel form or while not shapeshifted. In addition, the damage reduction granted by your Barkskin is increased by 5/10%.

Exactly the same as the old Barkskin, except we are losing the 5/10% reduction to likelihood of it being dispelled. Poor PVPers, but I don’t think this is going to impact raiding druids, unless we start to see more fights like the Champions in Tot(G)C 10/25.

Gift of the Earthmother 0/5: Increases the healing done by your Tranquility to targets at or below 25% health by 4%, increases the healing done by the bloom effect of your Lifebloom by 2%, and your Rejuvenation also instantly heals 3% of the total periodic effect.

The other ranks are not available yet, so I can’t say anything about them. This is no longer a flat increase to spell haste (it’s not an increase to spell haste at ALL), or a reduction on LIfebloom GCD, but an interesting talent to change how our HoTs work. I would drool over the Rejuvenation effect, but how often will we need that? On a target that’s low on health, I would Regrowth/Rejuv/Nourish if needed, not Rejuv/Oops they died. Or Rejuv/Regrowth Swiftmend, and I guess that’s where this talent would come into play for me. On the Lifebloom effect, I can only say YAY more heals if it bloom when we need it. I stack my Lifeblooms, and only let them bloom when I have to, so this is a good change for me. Although now I’ll need yet MOAR HASTE. Yes I’m slightly obsessed. I declare this a buff!

The Final Tier! Tier 11 Resto Talent:

Wild Growth: Heals up to 5 friendly party or raid members within 15 yards of the target for 2905 over 7 sec. The amount healed is applied swiftly at first, then slows down as the Wild Growth reaches its full duration. 66% Base Mana. (Up from 23%)

…..ARfbrgle? We’re going to see gigantic pools of mana in Cataclysm, I know that, but 66% base mana is a lot. ..Ah phoo, I logged in resto spec. Well, let’s say as a feral with no +intellect, I have a mana pool of 6000, a nice round number. Multiply that by .66 (or {(2/3)*6000}. That’s roughly equivalent to 4000 mana. Rather a lot, isn’t it, especially when our base mana pool is going to be growing in Catacylsm? Maybe our pools of mana will be enough to handle it. We’ll have vast tracts of mana! (But Da, I don’t care about any of that. I just want to… sing!/No no no, stop that, no singing.)

Final wrap-up?

We’ve got buffs, we’ve got nerfs, and none of it balances out the fact we’ve lost Tree form.

Angry Tree!


Please to keep in mind that these are exaggerated opinions, brought on by a concussion.

Shaman Leveling Part 1

I have a concussion….so this really isn’t finished. Therefore, it is part 1!

Shaman leveling.

If you’re not Restoration, I really don’t know what you do.

But as a restoration shaman, I made it to level 34, around, before the dungeon finder came out. If you make through Stranglethorn Vale on any character, you know you probably stick with them, by the way.

If you’re leveling as a restoration shaman, then you’re probably leveling through the dungeon finder. You’re going to need to know the basic spells and when to use them.


Let’s say you have the fire and earth totems. After all, the earliest you can use the dungeon finder is 15, and by then, that’s all you have. What should you use? If you want to be more defensive and reduce the amount of heals you will need to use, then you should drop a Stoneskin totem and a Searing totem.

You have: Lesser Healing Wave(LHW)

Healing Wave.  (HW)

Unless a lot of damage is being taken, then just use LHW to top everyone off. ALWAYS. If for some reason you need to heal a lot of damage and the damage coming in should be minimal, that is where you should use HW.



Always put down healing stream until you get mana spring, and then put that down unless there is a pally who will wisdom you. Keep water shield up AT ALL TIMES. It will help with chain-pulling tanks who apparently believe we can run on no mana. With Healing Stream Totem, you don’t have to heal as much because the totem will be healing it for you. Other than that, there’s no major changes or cooldowns you’ll have to juggle except for Tidal Force, the 11-point talent. It gives you crits, basically. Use it with LHW if you need big heals in not a lot of time.