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Yessssss. Blog post time… *watches downloader* oh, yeah, blog post.


Respec Druid, Shaman, Death Knight, Priest, Warlock, Hunter. Check other realms, respec paladin.


Druid: Feral/90%sure Resto. Although, I might just leave it blank or not log back on to my druid. She’s logged in Tree form, dancing with her tedrassil sproutling. Oh, who am I kidding, I love my druid, and I love healing and faceripping. Feral/Resto she is!

I’m going with this for feral and this for resto. Feral is focused more on leveling, while resto is still orientated towards healing groups, still. I’m going to grab furor as I level her in cata in resto– who could pass up 15% more mana?


Shaman: Resto/Something. Ehn has WOLVES. *cough* And she’s lost riptide to my great annoyance, because I was loving having a HoT to use on her.


Death Knight: Blood. She’s my RP char, and although I’ve moved a bit away from her blood-hysteria rage, I’ve been building towards having her get a bit more violent again, because frost and unholy is something the other 2 people are, and we don’t really WANT to switch. I love rune tap too much to give it up like that.


Priest: Lvl 8(or)13. PEW PEW LAZERS! I made the mistake of putting point in holy on my lvl 13 priest, but now she’s going to have lazers, and so will my lvl 8 priest when she gets to 10. Although furbolgs just LOVE to eat her.


Warlock: Always been a demonologist on her, and she’s staying that way. Felguard!


Hunter: Beast Mastery! MY hunter has always been BM and she’ll always be BM.


Paladin: Gosh, I think I have a paladin I’m not really sure, but she’s going to go healer or tank. Healer… and I’d have one alt of every healer… tank.. and I’d have a tank. I’ll think about it.


Everyone: Have fun with patch 4.01, but remember to mourn the trees!


Cata Druid talents

This is a series of “oh hai MMO champion, you have better data… EDIT!”


Master Shapeshifter: It’s caster and tree form with 2/4% buff, so… Yeah, you rolled into caster form. Kthnx Blizz, but now whenever someone wants to heal themselves… -Moonkin->Caster->Regrowth&Rejuv->Moonkin. So, that’s a bit weird there.

Subtlety: TBR (to be removed or redesigned). Well, okay. I don’t have threat problems, I’m pretty sure only newbie druids have them… So yeah, I can understand this.

Nature’s Bounty: 10/20/30/40/50% increase to critical effects, and 20/40/60/80/100% chance to reduce the Swiftmend CD.

Swiftmend: Up from 16% base mana to 20% base mana. Also, it now says it will consume a Rejuv or Regrowth to heal a target for 1.

/sarcasm WTFBBQ NERF!!! /sarcasm off

Empowered Touch: 10/20% bonus healing effects for Healing Touch, and 50/101(?)% chance for your Nourish to refresh Lifebloom.

Tree of Life: Some of our spells are temporarily enhanced while shifted. These are: Lifebloom, Wild Growth, Regrowth, Entangling Roots, Thorns and Wrath.


Improved Barkskin: 10/20% armor contribution gain while in travel form or not shifted and a 5/10% damage reduction (not clear if this is only in travel/unshifted)

Gift of the Earthmother: 2/4/6/8/10% increase to Lifebloom bloom, and 3/6/9/12/15% insta-rejuv.

Wild Growth: Not 66, but 69% base mana! 10 seconds cooldown for a 7sec AoE.

Design Completion First Pass:

Balance: 95%

Feral: 100%

Resto: 90%


*Feral PvP?

*Rebuild Thorns

*Restoration health raid-buff.

/Edit off

Dps: undervalued.

This post is about dps. And how they are important even though people always talk about healers and tanks being the only important ones. I know the name of the blog is Restobear, and I said I was going to talk about tanking and healing as a druid and stuff related to WoW. But this is related to WoW. You see, tanks and healers undervalue the dps. When you see a dps not being the best, do you think first “what could be affecting this” or “lol, fail dps”? I’m using the extremes here, but the dps are being maligned by tanks and healers whenever they fail to put out optimal dps. They could be new to their class, they could not have done all their research, or they could be lagging. And don’t forget, on some fights, when they have to move around a lot, that’s going to affect ranged and melee dps.

The poor dps have a very long wait to get into a dungeon, and when the first thing they here is that they’re not good, they are fail, and their gear is terrible, what makes them want to do it anymore? If, as a tank/healer you were constantly badgered when you weren’t the best possible, would you want to heal or tank anymore? Would think it was worth it?

Have you hugged a dps today?

Patch 3.3, Impressions pt 2


I remember way back on the PTR when the forgemaster guys was bugged. He jumped away and never ever came back. Was sad =( I haven’t really gone into the new dungeons, so my advice here will be all from the last PTR patch before it was released. Sorry y’all, I will fix this situation. But anyhoo. Forge of Sauron, let’s start with that. The forgemaster is a pretty simple fight. Mostly. Keep him faced away from the group, because then they’ll know when he’s trying to throw saronite on them. When that happens, they need to run. NO I don’t care if it messes with your dps, do it! Once the big chunk of saronite is thrown, he’ll jump over to his forge and make himself a new weapon. (‘Now you’re making me angry!’, anyone?) Everyone needs to get behind the big chunk of saronite and kill the adds that spawn. He’ll be casting an AoE, but if you did what I told you to, and GOT BEHIND THE BIG CHUNK OF SARONITE, then you’ll be fine and not taking damage. This happens 2-3 times and then he’s dead on you get your pretty purple pixels. Just the usual keep HoTs up, blah blah for healing. Tanks…. erm…. just position yourselves and get behind the saronite and you should be fine.

Krick and Ick, anyone?

Ick, a plague bomb, eruptor, whatever is a minion to Krick the leper gnome, who’s a big pansy. This fight is,for healers, OMGOMGPOSIONCLEANSECLEANSEACKHEALTANNKHEALEREVERYONEAHHH! Or you can keep your cool, but I’m not to good at that. BAsically: Lots of stuff on the floor to move out of, AoE’s that you hopefully don’t have to worry about because you’re far enough away, RIGHT? RIGHT? and poison. And run away if they pursue you. EheheheheheheheheehhHAHAHAHAHAHA or they will go “lol2hitkolol”. Tanks, run away from green blobs on the ground. And occasionally, Krick will call out a bomb AoE you need to move away from. At the end, Ick dies and Krick is a big coward and is killed by mysterious figure A. -nodnod-

You know? I’ll finish this when I’m not half-delirious from needing sleep.

Then you get to run a gauntlet! You lucky people <3. Run as far up as you can, apply HoTs on all, because the mobs can randomly aggro onto the dps. Do NOT automatically assume it is the dps’ fault! ALWAYS check to make sure it wasn’t your fault. Tanks, pop your AoE aggro effects. ONCE you finish that, you’ll get into an icy cave where you need to stay out of green circles because you’ll get hurt if you stand in them like whatshimname, Hodir? Yeah. Hodir. Where eventually.. if you’ve been good… and you haven’t pouted or cried… you’ll come out and find…

SCOURGELORD TYRANNUS!(Mysterious Figure A) Give him a round of applause, ladies and gents, he got far enough in the arena season to win a frostwyrm! After a bit of dialogue, he’ll jump off of it and begin the fight. If you’ve got ranged dps, get them on him while he talks and then have the tank(maybe you, maybe not) pick him up when he drops. His frostwyrm, Rimefang will be flying overhead shooting frostbolts at people, and you can’t target him and kill him. If you get a big red arrow over your head, run around but not close to other people, because rimefang wants to be your BESTEST friend, but he doesn’t know how to do that any way but shooting frostbolts at you so you can be scourged. Now the Scourgelord has a powerful bit of spike damage that he’ll cast every so often. You need to have all hots on tank and be casting a big heal, or as a tank pop your survival instincts if you can see the healer won’t be able to make it. Now after he’s done this, he likes empowering himself. Remember how Rimefang wants to be your BESTEST friend? Run over the ice that he’s been shooting to slow down the scourgelord while he’s empowered, otherwise he’ll go “Lawlzpewpewpewyoudead!” Now if the dps receives the scourgelord’s mark, they need to STOP DOING DAMAGE and try not to get hurt, because their damage will be hurting the tank and healing done to them will be done to the scourgelord, but bigger heals. NO I DON’T CARE IT’S AFFECTING YOUR DPS, GO SIT IN A CORNER! Once you’ve done all of this and killed him, Rimefang will be sad watching his second bestest buddy die, and fly away. And you get more pretty purple pixels!

-Brought to you be only SLIGHTY hyper/sleepy (how does that work anyways?) Alienea. And I sprained my ankle and my pinkie finger, ow. And when I say tomorrow, I get around to it at night you if I say tomorrow on tuesday come back on thursday.

Edit: Updated post

2nd Edit:Fixed some typos

Patch 3.3, Impressions

Random Dungeon Tool:

I’ve had a good time with it. I haven’t gotten bad PuGs, ninja PuGs, no no no. Only good PuGs. You may be amazed now, but I think I just haven’t used it enough. Eventually, I’ll find the group where I /facepalm and toy with the idea of dropping. My druid actually hasn’t gotten much out of it except for badges, gold, and a ring she vendored. My shaman, however, has leveled and run out of rested experience, so she’s sitting around in Ironforge, having trained her new spells. Maybe she’ll get played some more today/tomorrow. However, whenever I enter as a healer/tank, what I invariably have to do is tank. So I switch off, tank to heals to tank to heals with different dungeons being run. The same was true on the PTR: enter as tank, you’re going to have to tank. Now, my advice for healers and tanks. Druids.

Tanks: be prepared to tell the dps that if they are pulling in the first few seconds, to back off. If they don’t, then >=( and tell them again. 3rd time, let them die. I’m going to put in a diagram here. (rummages around looking for how to add picture) …Once I figure out how, I will. But basically, be very cranky. CRANKY TANK. Always check that it really was their fault, however. Never good to falsly accuse someone!

Healers: Be prepared for the bad PuGs who stand in fire and stuff. Heal them when you can, but the priority chart here is:
Tank/if tank is about to die and it can’t be stopped you(healer)
High dps/if tank is about die and it can’t be stopped highest health dps
Medium dps
Low dps
Blanket rejuv if you have to (and their are some fights were you’ll likely have to–new dungeons while people are learning them, for one–) And if you keep on wiping and you’re giving out your best heals, then you should politely ask why do people think you’re wiping so much.

Now for something completely different.

I have a devart, and I posted on something of Bellwether’s.(her blog: http://4haelz.blogspot.com/) She responded. <=D made me happy. She was first resto druid blogger I read, which made me think I could try it, even if I went tank and healer. And now I’ve got to toddle off and have dinner. And finish up my paper. And….etc.

Birthday, Yay.

And I’m downloading Patch 3.3! Or, it will be downloaded before the weekend. Even if I won’t get to play until the weekend, blech. -jumps up and down excitedly- The cake was indeed yummylicious, and wonderific, etc etc. And I am alive, btw. And… hey! I just gained exp in my lifetime exp bar. OF course, the end reward is death, but hey.

Patch 3.3

It’s my Birthday Tomorrow. There will be a Birthday Post.

I get I yummiliciouswonderifuleric black&white cake. YumYUMyuM!

So, I’ve heard on the grapevine patch 3.3 has dropped. I have no clue, because, hey, school is evil. Good luck with that…shoo…shoo…-cry in corner- ANYWAYS. I hear balance druids are happy or something unless they’re PvPers. And… and feral druids are just trundling along going extinct, really we are! We have to compete with rogues and–that’s a post for another time. Restoration druids have rejuv, last I checked, staying the same. (Yay) AND..I’m just sort of sitting here happy I went on PTR so that I’m not completely heartbroken over this. Maybe I can get on this weekend… Heck, get back to raiding. TotC10/25, if I’m really really lucky.. last time I was in there I got 2 tanking items and nothing for healz, sadly. Also no trophies. But I can hope. I’m going back to sobbing in a corner now, and handing it off to my shaman. who recently lvled. Twice. -walks off to corner with LotR while muttering-

….Is she gone? Hello, I’m the shaman. I recently leveled(twice) once by her and once by her friend who took pity on me and leveled me. Her initial shalt be V. Thank you, V. Do post if you want that to be edited. I’ve got pretty totems and stuff, but not much is new in shaman land, except for the fact I escaped STV, thank the elements, and ran away to dustwallow marsh. It’s boring here, but it is heaven compared to stranglethorn vale. MORDOR WOULD BE HEAVEN COMPARED TO STRANGLETHORN VALE— wait, I’ve just been told Mordor doesn’t exist in this dimension. OH well. Mount Doom, anyone? Patch 3.3 would’ve been a very happy thing for me…. chain dungeoning so that I could level swiftly swiftly swiftly, but it was not to be, sadly. And… I’m going to go follow Alienea and cry. To myself. and if you tell anyone….I’ll cast no haelz on you. Never.