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Insane PuGging

*has no good explanation for absence*

Shaniana met an insane PuG group today.

1 Worgen Warrior, 1 Night Elf Death Knight(tank), 1 Dwarf Hunter, 1 Human Paladin and Shani.

I zone in to an already in progress dungeon, sighing inside because that almost never ends well. I clicked on the DK to check his presence and.. he didn’t have one. Erm.

Understanding that I photoshop ftl, I started out everyone with black and a letter.

Blue P: Paladin is in Blue

Red DK: Death Knight is in Red

Brown W: Warrior is in Brown

Green H: Hunter is in green

the line inbetween Dk: In Combat and “Hold going out” is me saying “Er, you can switch in combat”


Stuff like this makes your healer die a little inside.

…I realize that to some of you, vote kicking may seem extreme. *coughakomarcough* But if you’re not going to admit you can switch presences in combat, and you “never do it that way”, you’re getting a vote kick your way.

*cry* Dk I refuse to heal you. I reserve the right to refuse healing to anyone like this. You never tank like that? I’m sorry, I don’t heal tanks like that. We eventually stuck the concept in his head that you can switch presences in combat after one more minute of arguing. The Paladin is to blame for that minute, as he said to let him try. His methods consisted of yelling obscenities at him. After that, the DK kept on going in and out of blood presence, and the Hunter continued to make snarky comments. We downed Hadronax without having him overwhelmed by buggies and dying without giving us credit. We easily cleared the trash after that, and after engaging Anub’arak… the paladin left. Randomly. No “have to go, guild needs my main”, or “shoot I need to go emergency”. Just *poof* and gone. Alright. Fine.


-Bows head in respect-

Bellwether of 4Haelz has left the blogosphere. Apparently she has become bored with the game, and her beta access wasn’t making her want to wait for Cata either. She’s got some IRL stuff that she wants to do, and apparently her account has been closed for a month and a half. (sadface) I respect her decision, but I will miss the first tree blogger I ever read, and I hope she has a wonderful, happy life. Ishnu’alah, Bellwether.

Blizzard? I don’t like you either.

Q u o t e:

  • Tree of Life is changing from a passive talent to a cooldown-based talent, similar to Metamorphosis. Mechanically, it feels unfair for a druid to have to give up so much offense and utility in order to be just as good at healing as the other classes who are not asked to make that trade. We are exploring the exact benefit the druid gets from Tree of Life. It could strictly be better healing, or it could be that each heal behaves slightly different. You also will not be able to be banished in Tree of Life form (this will probably be true of Metamorphosis as well). Additionally, we would like to update the Tree of Life model so that it feels more exciting when you do decide to go into that form. Our feeling is that druids rarely actually get to show off their armor, so it would be nice to have at least one spec that looked like a night elf or tauren (and soon troll or worgen) for most of the time.

  • No. Just NO. Please say you’re kidding, please say that this as all some cruel joke. I love my tree of life form! People can look at it and say that I’m a healer! Don’t make it a stupid gimmick. We don’t need to be able to use damage spells. We’re healing. We need our mana to HEAL. And-and other druid forms can’t see their armor, and you’re targeting my tree form? People complain about the big bear butts more! if you take away our, well, not-so-pretty form, we’re a regular person who can’t heal as well and have had our iconic symbol taken away. We will become broken inside! We have our niche, and after Ghostcrawler saying that you’re happy where we are, why are you taking away our non-broken, fun, iconic ability? Why?


    Just change the model if you want it to look cooler. But at least give me a choice. I think this is stupid, and when I’m not so angry about this I’ll compose a list of whys. In the meantime, Bellwether or 4haelz has done a very good job of listing why we should NOT have it on a cooldown.

    Dps: undervalued.

    This post is about dps. And how they are important even though people always talk about healers and tanks being the only important ones. I know the name of the blog is Restobear, and I said I was going to talk about tanking and healing as a druid and stuff related to WoW. But this is related to WoW. You see, tanks and healers undervalue the dps. When you see a dps not being the best, do you think first “what could be affecting this” or “lol, fail dps”? I’m using the extremes here, but the dps are being maligned by tanks and healers whenever they fail to put out optimal dps. They could be new to their class, they could not have done all their research, or they could be lagging. And don’t forget, on some fights, when they have to move around a lot, that’s going to affect ranged and melee dps.

    The poor dps have a very long wait to get into a dungeon, and when the first thing they here is that they’re not good, they are fail, and their gear is terrible, what makes them want to do it anymore? If, as a tank/healer you were constantly badgered when you weren’t the best possible, would you want to heal or tank anymore? Would think it was worth it?

    Have you hugged a dps today?

    A tale of Haste.

    Once a druid was almost at the haste cap. She strived for the one second global cooldown, and she had almost reached it. She had haste gems socketed in and some haste from her gear, but then patch 3.3 dropped… and lo, the haste cap was suddenly much higher! And there was much gnashing of bark and wailing of one tree, for suddenly much more haste was required! And she still strived for haste, and bemoaned the fact that the upgrades that dropped for her had nigh on no haste, but much spellpower, and she now had so much spellpower that it was pouring out of her bark. She bought more haste gems, and got the guild jewelcrafter to work on getting the recipe so that she would only have to buy the raw, uncut gems. But haste still avoided her, and she beat the wall of the Dalaran bank in frustration. The new 5-man dungeons never popped up for her as a random heroic, and therefore no lovely nummy hastey items were gotten. She wailed in frustration as her heals landed just to late, and she haunted the auction house for the recipe so that the guild jewelcrafter could make epic haste gems. To this day, if you listen careful around the bank and the auction houses, and even sometimes in dungeons after someone dies, you can hear the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, and of an ent, sobbing softly as more people die.

    Herding Cats: Herder and Cat.


    So, you’ve decided you want to herd cats. You might not know this is what you are doing, but you are. You decided to form a raid, didn’t you? If you didn’t then you can read the cat section. First, you need to decide where you want to go. If you don’t have a good grasp of where you are going, then my advice to you is simply: Don’t do it. The group can tell when the raid leader doesn’t know what they are doing, and that affects the entire group. Find a group for it. Unless it’s Naxxramas (No one wants to go there anymore), then you can /faceroll the entire thing and it doesn’t matter. Once you know where you have to go, plan out ahead of time what you need and what classes you really want. Shamans are one thing I always want- and a good paladin in any roll is nice. So lets say you need 5 dps, 2 tanks, and 3 healers. You need to say what ratio of ranged/melee dps you need. Also, you need to let people learn. 1 or 2 wipes -with improvement- should be expected with any PuG raid. Don’t ask for the achievement. How are people going to get it if only people with the achievement can get in? So now I’m going to summarize .

    1. Have a plan of what you want and need.

    2. Know the raid you are going to.

    3. Know when not to push it any more.

    4. Wipes are expected. Live with them.

    5. Don’t ask for the achievement!

    6. Don’t shout at people who ask questions/don’t know fight. That will not help, and in fact will hurt the raid.

    7. Be polite, even when others are not.


    Enter the cats!

    So you’ve joined a raid. If you haven’t, and in fact have nothing to do with raids, then go play outside in Crystalsong forest. Especially if you’re n undead, go get a tan! I’m going to assume you have a nice raid leader. If you don’t, I’ll address that later. If you don’t know much about the raid, speak up. I should say that if you want to going a raid, you should read up on the WoWHead strategies before joining one. To be the M.S.A.(most-sought-after) raider, do not yell at the raid leader if they are inexperienced. Do not shout at them every time they make a decision you don’t agree with, and try to pay attention to them. When the raid leader has legitimately made a mistake, point it out to them in whisper. If they don’t respond of change, then escalate to saying it in raid. In the same vein as above…. EXPECT WIPES, DANGIT!!!!!!

    Now, if your raid leader is a terrible, yelling, annoying, person, unless the entire group is willing to stick with it, I have not yet had a group where that ended up well. People got annoyed and left, shouting in capitals/over vent happened… bail unless there are definite signs the group will pull through, or maybe reform without the leader. It is not worth the abuse that can be sustained when your raid leader is a horrible cranky person. It can make you second guess your own abilities when there’s nothing wrong. But always make sure that they are shouting for no reason, because often they take a small grain of truth and blow it up and out of all proportion.

    Rant about tank druid gear.

    SERIOUSLY, WHAT’S UP WITH IT!? We are rolling against all other melee leather users (well, that’s really rogues. And cat druids. But still!! There’s a bunch of them! And nub ehn shamans/hunters). We just gem differently, really. I get much more gear healing because only moonkins want my gear, and even then there’s generally a nice line saying this is resto and this is balance.

    But us Bear Tanks? We sit in a corner and watch everyone else get gear while we are falling behind, which generally means we have to switch stuff out and just roll on tanky stuff as OS while healing/lol MOONFARE spaming. I realize not all moonkins lol MOONFARE spam, but I’m trying to get to a DIFFERENT point. Maybe some of you are obscene gerund lucky about your rolls and you get your gear. Maybe you’re looking at this and thinking ‘Wow, way to blow it out of proportion, I get gear all the time.’ If that is you, I wish you good luck and stare at you enviously.

    My guild is, -cough- a five-man guild, we rarely get more than 5-6 people on at a time. I raid in the harsh environment of guilds who need a few PuGs and can afford to be choosey and drop people. I still really need to get around to regemming, but my computer decided to corrupt the danged WoW file and I need to get around to reinstalling and repatching and guess what it’s the holiday season. But I digress. All these guilds are fair and I’ve not run into any loot councils, so I roll and get my loot. But I’m often told that my 30k bear tank is not good enough in complete PuGs, so I run healer and grab myself tanking gear that drops as offspec. It’s sad. I only tank in my guild now, and we’ve got a dps with an alt protadin who’s gathering gear. (I SWEAR WHEN I GET BACK ON I WILL PUSH YOU TO TANK EXACTLY AS YOU PUSHED ME! REVENGE!) So while I always get gear from there, it is measly heroic gear and we haven’t gone into the IC dungeons yet because it’s like herding cats getting us all on at the same time.

    I wish we could expand to 10-man guildishness because then I could tank more. I would love to tank more. I love to tank. But when people in the raid I’m PuGing need it for their MS, no matter that I was tanking before dual-spec when I went tree and tree is more an offspec for me, guess what. Your MS is what you are in the raid as. I’m apparently only good enough to tank naxx that no one wants to go to anymore, but I’m good enough to heal TotC 25. *Goes off to call guildmaster and talk about sucking in friends to get to 10-man size*. So the only way I can know I’ll get gear, because our one and only rogue generally heals,(Edit-Clarification. The rogue has a priest alt, and heals on that. Not as a rogue.) is guild runs. There’s generally too many other people in guild runs unless I get lucky and they’re going to something that they don’t really need, they’re just doing for giggles. WE NEED MOAR TANKING LEATHER. Not homogenized leather that you can shove at dps and tanks! Next time I’m stuck for something to post I’ll throw my OMG BEAR TANKS GOING EXTINCT WHY!?!?!?!? rant at y’all.

    Birthday, Yay.

    And I’m downloading Patch 3.3! Or, it will be downloaded before the weekend. Even if I won’t get to play until the weekend, blech. -jumps up and down excitedly- The cake was indeed yummylicious, and wonderific, etc etc. And I am alive, btw. And… hey! I just gained exp in my lifetime exp bar. OF course, the end reward is death, but hey.

    Patch 3.3

    It’s my Birthday Tomorrow. There will be a Birthday Post.

    I get I yummiliciouswonderifuleric black&white cake. YumYUMyuM!

    So, I’ve heard on the grapevine patch 3.3 has dropped. I have no clue, because, hey, school is evil. Good luck with that…shoo…shoo…-cry in corner- ANYWAYS. I hear balance druids are happy or something unless they’re PvPers. And… and feral druids are just trundling along going extinct, really we are! We have to compete with rogues and–that’s a post for another time. Restoration druids have rejuv, last I checked, staying the same. (Yay) AND..I’m just sort of sitting here happy I went on PTR so that I’m not completely heartbroken over this. Maybe I can get on this weekend… Heck, get back to raiding. TotC10/25, if I’m really really lucky.. last time I was in there I got 2 tanking items and nothing for healz, sadly. Also no trophies. But I can hope. I’m going back to sobbing in a corner now, and handing it off to my shaman. who recently lvled. Twice. -walks off to corner with LotR while muttering-

    ….Is she gone? Hello, I’m the shaman. I recently leveled(twice) once by her and once by her friend who took pity on me and leveled me. Her initial shalt be V. Thank you, V. Do post if you want that to be edited. I’ve got pretty totems and stuff, but not much is new in shaman land, except for the fact I escaped STV, thank the elements, and ran away to dustwallow marsh. It’s boring here, but it is heaven compared to stranglethorn vale. MORDOR WOULD BE HEAVEN COMPARED TO STRANGLETHORN VALE— wait, I’ve just been told Mordor doesn’t exist in this dimension. OH well. Mount Doom, anyone? Patch 3.3 would’ve been a very happy thing for me…. chain dungeoning so that I could level swiftly swiftly swiftly, but it was not to be, sadly. And… I’m going to go follow Alienea and cry. To myself. and if you tell anyone….I’ll cast no haelz on you. Never.

    Hello People!

    Introductions are in order! I’m a Resto/Feral Druid on Gilneas, by the name of Alienea. The header is me tanking the lvl60 raid version of Ony, back before she was brought in as an 80 raid. This blog is probably going to mutate- but right now it’s just talking about restobear druids and things I think help. I’m perfectly fine with people telling me I’m doing it all wrong, as long as they can tell me how to fix it and why it is wrong, not “omg why do you have X gems you needz teh Y gems!”

    SO, I was driven to lead my first raid a few days ago. Nobody was starting raids, so I figured I’d have to. It was easy, just OS10, no drakes. Me and my little group breeze through, and I begin to think that it’s not like herding cats, until…. Handing out loot. I link everything so people don’t have to crowd around. (Please people, it’s just annoying. I know it’s less of a problem on the big dragon bosses, but on the smaller boss that 10-25 can make me lose by standing on/near them, you need to not do that.) And then a mage goes and rolls, as far as I can tell, randomly on nothing. I think nothing of it, maybe they were just testing their luck… Then I said Roll Satchel of Spoils. Well, 2 people tied out of 4-5 rollers and one of them yielded to the other, easy enough–I gave it to the winner, when the mage types in “My roll was on the Satchel” I sit here going `? Huh? Dude, I hadn’t said to roll. When he sees it went to someone else, he starts griping and moaning and saying I suck, and I ask the others what they think- and all the others think it is fair, he didn’t roll when he was supposed to, he should’ve rerolled when I said to roll. So I go on, and ask people to roll on Dragon Hide bag. I hand it to the highest roller when the mage says “you didn’t win that. Highest roll doesn’t win.” She gets all confused, and everyone else goes again, dude, you rolled too early, stop being an @$$hole!. So then we get to something I can use, and I roll, I get a 22 or 26 against the mage’s 5,(it was a tier token), but then he rolls again. He gets a 95. People begin to go “WTF dude? She won it, don’t roll again when that doesn’t change anything.” This puts me off raiding, it really does, although I as happy to see the support from the others, who I’d never seen before. But putting me off raiding is….bad, to say the least, because I need my Ulduar10 gear. Or at least Naxx 25. Badly. -sigh- And then he whispers me, saying “omfg, you are a terribad raid leader” I whisper back that I’m sorry he feels that way, and, well, ugh, he whispers back “Well you should feel really bad that you let a priest out-heal you anyways.” Hmm… I was raid heals and he was on the tank. The tank was taking more damage than the raid since they were all nice enough to stay out of the “OMG FLAMING WALLS OF DEATH!”. No matter what I did, guess what? I wouldn’t have healed as much when there wasn’t as much to heal. God. I logged, muttered angrily in a corner, and went to join family. I even said I was open to constructive criticism…. but noooooo. You have to flame me, mage. Oh well. I hope you are happy :’-(

    In separate news–Alienea has been brutally turkeyed even though she is not a rogue. Revenge was taken by turning the offender into a bunny.