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So have I mentioned that I recently got my wisdom teeth out? It hurts like a female dog, I’m on fricken’ heavy duty pain drugs (That aren’t doing a whole lot as far as I can tell), and I am still healllling.

We’re currently working on Lord Rhylioth and got him half of the way down on the first night, so life is good. What’s going on is that the steerers are getting the hang of it and we’re getting the hang of seeing everything on the ground and communication and all that.

Also, we downed Shannox for the second time. Got another eternal ember. Also, remember what I said about being on heavy-duty pain meds?

One wipe, not due to me but lag spikes.

Second time, perfect execution except for one crystal prison trap the RL, ironically enough, took.

And I did top healing and 2nd in overheals, which, well, doesn’t mean a whole lot since you know meters, but HAH. It’ll also help we check out how to mess around with my glyphs. And now I need to go take another dose of pain meds and pass out.


ALSO! If by some chance, you read this blog, you are on Gilneas, or want to go to Gilneas, and are on the Alliance..

We are currently interviewing a frost DK, but we need an arcane or fire mage, preferred arcane for the buffs. We are 1/7 and working on Rhylioth, we are semi-hardcore (which basically means show up on time, put raid face on, but we understand that when RL stuff happens, it happens), and we make jokes. It’d be nice if you can use ventrillo to communicate also, although if you have dental surgery, or strep throat, stuff like that, there is obviously and exception made. Go to  http://itwasepic.guildlaunch.com/ make an account there and APPLY. Please I love you?



Good news, everyone! On Thursday the 11th, instead of going in BWD like we had planned due to a warlock being a bit late, although we knew that was going to happen. So, the RL polled for common consensus and  we went to farm Firelands Trash. And then when the ‘lock got on, we decided “hey, why not just keep on doing this and work on SHannox some more? We can always just do BWD sat or something.” We cleared enough trash that Shannox appeared (and got 3 epics and one epic pattern in the process, woot woot). After one wipe, during which our main tank our our tank’s healer’s computer (I’m not really clear on this) randomly decided to restart. Ooooops. WIPE.

But then… but then, on the next pull, we did it. Cleanly. The only person that died was the MT, literally 2 seconds before Shannox died. And we got an Eternal Ember, which, after much discussion, went to the warlock.

Our not-very-complicated strategy:

Kill Rageface.

-easy enough, just focus the dog

Take Shannox to 35% and then kill Riplimb.

-we postioned our Riplimb tank in such a way that the stacks would reset with just the dk slow.

Kill Shannox.

Druid Healing, Kind of

(I apologize for random spaces I might miss, I’m typing this on my IDevice and it will autocorrect to wrongness.)

Okay, so say the fight is Shannox, which I need to work on anyways considering that’s where our progression group is at or at least was at before my trip.

If someone is trapped in a crystal trap, you can do nothing to help them. Or at least, I don’t, as I know that I will need all my mana for healing. As we gear up that might change. They are out of your LoS, and you cannot help them. At all.

For immolation traps, first, call out on vent that someone got hit by one. They are COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE. You are making your healer waste mana healing and dispelling you if you are in one. *cough shann tank I’m looking at you cough especially when they add 40% more damage on you cough* After that, I’ll toss either a nourish or a rejuv on them. 80% or lower, rejuv, and check to make sure they don’t have rageface on them. Otherwise, nourish to around, oh, 95.

Rageface. I am always on raid heals so far, so I know how I respond to this.
If he’s face raging someone, they get rejuv+nourish spam and swiftmend if they drop low. Now if they get below 15-20%, you have a problem because no one is critting rageface for enough to get him off that person. At that point, I toss regrowth at them and pray that someone crits, or spam healing touch if they are a VIP. (You need 150 healer points to become a VIP… Or be a healer tank or dps pulling required dps.). And of course, he will focus people, at point you need to just heal them. I use nourish and rejuvenations for that, if they’re a clothie I might mix in some healing touches.

When Shannox tosses his spear, there’s the initial AoE damage, which is nit avoidable. If possible, I like getting people to temporarily stack up so that healing rains and effloresences can get heal everyone up. Of course, there is the trap problem, but if they just go into dbm and say to announce it everyone will yell out if there’s a trap on them. And then you can move, no?

I save tranquillity for phase three, although I do pop it in phase 1 at the beginning just to help with mana and so it will be back up. In phase three, stacking makes my life much easier but it is not always manageable. Rejuv and swiftmend, along with wild growth, allow for pretty nice raid heals, which is a big necessity in phase three due to the major raid damage. At that point I just pray everyone stays alive while healing my little heart out.

….. I realize that’s not really my priority system, but gosh darn it, it changes every fight and with every new patch, with gear, enchants, flasks, potions, team makeup(a red lipstick with pink blush is to be most heartily avoided, just like a team made up of only paladins and death knights)