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Raid Mindset

So, on Sat night, we went in. After a ton of wipes in phase 1, and one in phase 2 (that was in between the phase 1 wipes) We killed Rhyloith. And to paraphrase our Raid Leader: “Why the f*** can’t you do this all the time?! I just saw you take Rhyloith down so smoothly Casually Addicted”, the top guild on our server,”would be jealous! And yet we’ve wiped to stupid s*** on other attempts. F*** switch are you all throwing to do stuff like this?” He’s constantly saying stuff like that. And, well, he has a point. We can go into Firelands, and for some reason on all the good attempts, everything goes smoothly. We’re communicating, we’re not standing in anything, we’re stacking or not stacking and getting everything down correctly and the dps range from 16-24k. I saw that on Shannox and Lord Rhy-Rhy, and, well, I agree with our raidleader.

We’re not in a raid mindset on the wipes. And when we are, we are quite capable of beating down anything we d*mn well want to with only a few attempts. I’m not sure why sometimes, the switch flips and we suddenly become, again steal words from Jjesse’s mouth, Paragon, or any top guild.  I wish I knew how to make sure that in Firelands, it was always switched. It’s quite frustrating to wipe to Beth’tilac time after time– after we’ve seen her at 2% and if she just hadn’t eaten one spiderling, she’d be dead. We had to call it. WTF!?

So, I look at my healing. I look at who I’m healing, my overhealing, my HoT uptime, my activity, who died when. I’m proud to say that the part of the raid I heal is highly unlikely to die first. It happened once twice tonight, on a dozen or so wipes. One time, the spiderling killer was out of range, and one time I just didn’t get to the person fast enough, and I’m beating myself up about that. If they’d been alive, would we have had the kill? I try to make sure that I AM in raid mentality. That I AM doing everything I possibly can. That I’m bringing potions, cookies, flasks. Even though the guild provides feasts and cauldrons, we can run out of feasts. We all need to farm more. I try to use my warlock cookies, and I try to use tranquility every time I can use it and still have it when I need it. I’m certain there’s something I could do better. Maybe some reforging, I know that I’m not quite at a haste breakpoint and so I should either reforge to get to it or reforge to other stats until I can reach it. I give my innervate to other people. I still get 10% mana, and I have the luxury to potion of concentration, they don’t.

I know my raid group can kill the bosses when they’re in raid mentality. It really annoys me that sometimes, we’re not.

I know I did everything I could think of at the time, and it wasn’t enough to kill the boss. I know it’s not all on me. But f*** it, I feel like it is.

….After all, don’t you know it’s always the healer’s fault?


I made the lol!diagram? myself.

Raid Enters Room:

Alienea: Can I have a table, Akomar?
Akomar: -sighes- Sure.

(Begins to conjure and then notices raid)

Akomar: Tsk, more people to kill us.

Alienea: Well, poot.

Alienea cackles maniacally

Alienea: We’ll just have to kill them!

Grievous: Regrettable, but necessary indeed.

Akomar: Must I spam 2 buttons again?

Grievous dies

Grievous: I’ll.. see you… again.

Akomar: Oh, how annoying.

Alienea: Grievous! No!

Alienea dies

Alienea: Curses… avenge us… Akomar….

Here is the LOL!DIAGRAM? for how to kill us.

Lol diagram!

<=D? Now let me get back to studying for finals because my 15min break is almost up.

The Death of a Bear

If you’re not J or V, then you don’t know about this. But a week or so ago, I had a run of truly terrible PuGs. I kept on getting dps that outgeared me and refused to pull back their dps. To give you an idea, they had 5-6k GS’s and I had around a 4.5. They would run around doing 5-6-7k of dps while my measly 1k tank dps tried to hold aggro. It didn’t work, and every time they yelled, they blamed me, and they wouldn’t tone back on the dps.

So after telling dps to stop and tone it back numerous times in one day, I got fed up. I realize that this was just a bad day, but honestly, I was annoyed. I’m a moonkin/tree now. And frankly, I see no reason to go back. I know that tanks are scarce enough, but maybe dps should think of that. I’m going to stick with restobear, though, because come Cata I’m going to pop back into sweet, sweet feral form for leveling. And then I’ll be a Bearkin! The restoration side of this blog will come solely form the shaman, and she’s level 44 now.

I apologize to all the dps who do tone it back, who do help the tank, and now will have longer queues. Slap some sense into the ∂嵘´∂ foolish dps who won’t do anything of the sort, and may the gods of the game be with you.

Blizzard? I don’t like you either.

Q u o t e:

  • Tree of Life is changing from a passive talent to a cooldown-based talent, similar to Metamorphosis. Mechanically, it feels unfair for a druid to have to give up so much offense and utility in order to be just as good at healing as the other classes who are not asked to make that trade. We are exploring the exact benefit the druid gets from Tree of Life. It could strictly be better healing, or it could be that each heal behaves slightly different. You also will not be able to be banished in Tree of Life form (this will probably be true of Metamorphosis as well). Additionally, we would like to update the Tree of Life model so that it feels more exciting when you do decide to go into that form. Our feeling is that druids rarely actually get to show off their armor, so it would be nice to have at least one spec that looked like a night elf or tauren (and soon troll or worgen) for most of the time.

  • No. Just NO. Please say you’re kidding, please say that this as all some cruel joke. I love my tree of life form! People can look at it and say that I’m a healer! Don’t make it a stupid gimmick. We don’t need to be able to use damage spells. We’re healing. We need our mana to HEAL. And-and other druid forms can’t see their armor, and you’re targeting my tree form? People complain about the big bear butts more! if you take away our, well, not-so-pretty form, we’re a regular person who can’t heal as well and have had our iconic symbol taken away. We will become broken inside! We have our niche, and after Ghostcrawler saying that you’re happy where we are, why are you taking away our non-broken, fun, iconic ability? Why?


    Just change the model if you want it to look cooler. But at least give me a choice. I think this is stupid, and when I’m not so angry about this I’ll compose a list of whys. In the meantime, Bellwether or 4haelz has done a very good job of listing why we should NOT have it on a cooldown.

    The Dusty Shaman

    My name is Shaniana, and I have not been played for so long that the armory no longer has my stats. I went up to lvl 42 since you last saw me at lvl 37, and then was tucked into a corner to gain rest exp. My reaction was “Rest Exp?! I DON’T NEED RESTED EXPERIENCE BOOST I HAVE HEIRLOOMS!” And now I’m sitting in a corner, forgotten because one of her friends finally got to 80. And he needs gear. So I’m just sitting here, in the dark, hoping that whenever she gets back on me I won’t be sent to Maraudon. Nature Sprits, I HATE that place. I have no more purpose! Well, that’s not true. She just keeps on having stuff pop up to make her play her druid. -sigh- ‘bye!

    Guild Mercs.

    In a few months, what is known to guilds as “The Summer Boss” will roll around and suck raiders out of their schedules and make them despair for pushing ahead in raids. AND THAT IS WHEN I HOPE TO STRIKE. I’m hoping to have gotten good enough gear by that point to join a guild for summer(while making sure they know that) and then heading back to my friend guild when school starts back up. I’m tempted to make an application on a forum, see if I can get accepted, and then slip away after I get accepted/declined. But that wouldn’t be right. -gck- Not even sure if that would work.. But heyla, guilds usually want MOAR PLAYERS in the summer, so I help them out of….the goodness of my heart because I love helping people I want pretty purple shinies! I still need to suck more of my friends into WoW…Some year Dark Company will have 10 people who can raid! Now if only I could find people who I would want to be friends with that would play WoW and not suck. Eh, details!

    ..I might do a post about my UI. Addons. Things.

    Dps: undervalued.

    This post is about dps. And how they are important even though people always talk about healers and tanks being the only important ones. I know the name of the blog is Restobear, and I said I was going to talk about tanking and healing as a druid and stuff related to WoW. But this is related to WoW. You see, tanks and healers undervalue the dps. When you see a dps not being the best, do you think first “what could be affecting this” or “lol, fail dps”? I’m using the extremes here, but the dps are being maligned by tanks and healers whenever they fail to put out optimal dps. They could be new to their class, they could not have done all their research, or they could be lagging. And don’t forget, on some fights, when they have to move around a lot, that’s going to affect ranged and melee dps.

    The poor dps have a very long wait to get into a dungeon, and when the first thing they here is that they’re not good, they are fail, and their gear is terrible, what makes them want to do it anymore? If, as a tank/healer you were constantly badgered when you weren’t the best possible, would you want to heal or tank anymore? Would think it was worth it?

    Have you hugged a dps today?

    A Blogger Gone Missing

    It’s not me. But Bellwether of 4 Haelz has gone missing. Any sightings of this blogger online or elsewhere should be reported to her blog, on the post “I Swear I’m Not Dead”. Presumed MIA(Missing In Action) but not dead.

    Alos, I dare you to google lol limewire and click I’m Feeling Lucky.

    To a guildie: I am not a silly eggplant, I did call you when I was on. It’s not my fault you didn’t check your phone! And I might be on again tonight.


    ….dang. it didn’t work. I WILL MAKE THE ITEM POP UP WHEN YOU MOUSE OVER IT!
    Furious Gladiator’s Kodohide Helm

    Herding Cats: Herder and Cat.


    So, you’ve decided you want to herd cats. You might not know this is what you are doing, but you are. You decided to form a raid, didn’t you? If you didn’t then you can read the cat section. First, you need to decide where you want to go. If you don’t have a good grasp of where you are going, then my advice to you is simply: Don’t do it. The group can tell when the raid leader doesn’t know what they are doing, and that affects the entire group. Find a group for it. Unless it’s Naxxramas (No one wants to go there anymore), then you can /faceroll the entire thing and it doesn’t matter. Once you know where you have to go, plan out ahead of time what you need and what classes you really want. Shamans are one thing I always want- and a good paladin in any roll is nice. So lets say you need 5 dps, 2 tanks, and 3 healers. You need to say what ratio of ranged/melee dps you need. Also, you need to let people learn. 1 or 2 wipes -with improvement- should be expected with any PuG raid. Don’t ask for the achievement. How are people going to get it if only people with the achievement can get in? So now I’m going to summarize .

    1. Have a plan of what you want and need.

    2. Know the raid you are going to.

    3. Know when not to push it any more.

    4. Wipes are expected. Live with them.

    5. Don’t ask for the achievement!

    6. Don’t shout at people who ask questions/don’t know fight. That will not help, and in fact will hurt the raid.

    7. Be polite, even when others are not.


    Enter the cats!

    So you’ve joined a raid. If you haven’t, and in fact have nothing to do with raids, then go play outside in Crystalsong forest. Especially if you’re n undead, go get a tan! I’m going to assume you have a nice raid leader. If you don’t, I’ll address that later. If you don’t know much about the raid, speak up. I should say that if you want to going a raid, you should read up on the WoWHead strategies before joining one. To be the M.S.A.(most-sought-after) raider, do not yell at the raid leader if they are inexperienced. Do not shout at them every time they make a decision you don’t agree with, and try to pay attention to them. When the raid leader has legitimately made a mistake, point it out to them in whisper. If they don’t respond of change, then escalate to saying it in raid. In the same vein as above…. EXPECT WIPES, DANGIT!!!!!!

    Now, if your raid leader is a terrible, yelling, annoying, person, unless the entire group is willing to stick with it, I have not yet had a group where that ended up well. People got annoyed and left, shouting in capitals/over vent happened… bail unless there are definite signs the group will pull through, or maybe reform without the leader. It is not worth the abuse that can be sustained when your raid leader is a horrible cranky person. It can make you second guess your own abilities when there’s nothing wrong. But always make sure that they are shouting for no reason, because often they take a small grain of truth and blow it up and out of all proportion.

    My First Bad Group(kinda)

    So yesterday I popped online and queued up for a random heroic! Lo and Behold, I –wait a sec, dungeon finder just popped. Okay wait, it popped again. Okay, I’m back.—-had my first bad group. I’m amazed at how bad it was. NO one broke 3k dps, not even the rogue. The tank, however, was tanking ret. I mentioned it and he said “I can handle it, I’ve got my tanking gear, I just forgot to spec my secondary.” They all had really good gear, ilvl 232 and up. And yet I was second on the who is taking damage meter, the tank was above 2 of the dps on the dps meter, and my overheal was tiny. Why? Because they were taking so much damage that my HoTs were almost always healing something instead of overhealing. Nourish became the 1# used heal, followed by Rejuv and Regrowth. The only reason I didn’t die was because I sacrificed the dps to the death god that King Ymiron worships. And then, on the first boss, I said “Wait, let me grab a drink before you pull.” I’d been using my innervate on myself and no one else(shut-up mage, I’m healing you! I need my mana!) but it was on CD. The tank /shrugged and so I sat and drank. And then, at 1/2 mana, he charged up and pulled, with the dps close behind. I was fed up, so I just kept on drinking until full mana, and then tried to toss a natures swiftness+healing touch the tank’s way… but LoS prevented me. Of course it was LoS and not my wish to see them all die ;>.> <.<; . So the boss chewed through all the dps and I popped shadowmeld.

    “WT*??? healer sucks!”
    “Yeah! Why the **** did you not heal us!?”
    -> the mage “And she won’t even innervate me! kick her!”
    At which point I remarked “You may have a tank, but healers are still something you wait a few minutes for.”
    So I wasn’t kicked and I made them all run back. We went through the boss with only one death. (mages aren’t tanks, dangit!). And continued on. On the next boss the tank dies and I refuse to battle rez him, so the rogue tanks and holds much better aggro. We kill the boss and move on after rezzing the tank. On trash pulls (trash pulls!) the tank overpulled 3 times. As in 10 mobs at once, all over the group. All these times I pop shadowmeld and rez them, but they aren’t getting GoTW now, oh no. They are getting MoTW and the tank is only getting thorns because he needs it. Once we finally get to the final boss…

    The tank forgets to pull the mobs first:
    “WT*?!?!!?!?!??! How did that thing kill us all so quickly?”
    Me (Shadowmelded):
    “……Because you’re an idiot? You’ve been overpulling the entire run and now you forgot to pull the trash first. You’ve got a ret spec, the dps can’t break 3k, and I should’ve left after the first boss.”
    I get sworn at and told
    “We’ve got great gear, we can handle a ****ing boss.”
    I just sit and rez them, we kill the trash, I delay until shadowmeld is back up, and let them die. I get sworn at again “OMG JUST HEAL US! WE DON’T REALLY NEED YOU, OUR GEAR IS GREAT!” They pull the boss and I leave the group with a “;-) Have fun killing it with your great gear and no healer!”
    ….it was worth the 15min debuff, it really was.

    The moral of this story: Tanks and Healers go together like frosting and cake; you can live without one or the other, but you won’t be happy. Dps, bah. They’re sprinkles! We only need them because we haven’t figured out how to kill stuff quickly yet.