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We’ve now killed Majordomo (wooo, 6/7!) and apparently they’ve found my blog. Now I can’t be snarky. If I ever wanted to be. ….AHHHHHH THEY’RE WATCHING MEEEEEEE.

So, on Baleroc, what really really annoyed me is the crystals. Because I’d HoT up the person on them, swiftmend and healing touch and nourish and regrowth would all be used… and nock(a paladin healer) and chain(a shaman healer) would be at 60 stacks while I’d be at 20-30.

….This made me a Sad Panda™(not actually trademarked).

So on the next pull, I tried using more regrowth and less other things, like.. er… HoTs and .. slow direct heals. I started sitting at around 40 while everyone else would have 80. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffff. I mean, we killed him. And that’s good. But… I feel like I wasn’t being the best healer I could be there. I guess next time we kill him I’ll have to try even more direct healing without HoTs… but then I’m afraid the people on crystals will die.

However, I also recently turned into a boomchicken, and on a night I had to go early they found out that Baleroc was two-healable (and in fact easier to heal like that) so I don’t have to worry about crystals anymore beyond staying away from them.

Having not much else to say about that, Alysrazor!

Before nerf:

We didn’t not have a good time of it. While we had successfully rotated her to phase 1 two times (with one healer down, not me!), we then all died. First, people stood in fire(given off lava worms), interrupts were failing to go off… the little bird adds weren’t dying.. heck, one attempt I just lagged and didn’t realize I was in fire. And then I died. And then the people I was responsible for healing died. And then we all died.

After nerf:

*poke Alys*

*she dies*

Seriously, we killed her when half of us (sadly including me when a lava worm popped up and I didn’t react fast enough) were dead. Alysrazor.. You are now designated loot piñata.


Hahahahahh *poke dead*

Actual what we did will come later. Also, this blog post just proves I will do ANYTHING but go through Wuthering Heights and annotate it.


So, uhm, hi again?

Have I mentioned my Druid(alienea) and Shaman(She was Shaniana but now she’s Ielia on a RP realm) are both 85? No?

…Now I have.



I’ve been playing WoW.

I’ve been having fun!

Those Thrall Quests? My druid gets near them and “OMG LAG AHHH” it goes down to one frame per MINUTE. My shaman breezed through them.

I’ve got a 65 priest now.

And a 21 pally.

…So my dreams of getting an 85 of all healing classes are that much closer to completion.

I stopped running heroics on my druid a while ago. She has a standing invite to a guild that she could raid with.

My shaman is looking for a rp/raiding guild (If you’re on Wyrmrest Accord with a strange raiding schedule and you Rp, send her a mail. Ielia, the draenei shaman.)

My priest is ..well, leveling.

My paladin is actually a tank because my cousin is playing wow and leveling with a healer spec, so she needs a tank.

Oh, I’ve also got a goblin. I roleplay on her, she’s a warrior, and it is because of her I RealID broadcasted “I’m 4 feet tall, and I have a shield. POINT ME AT THE GIGANTIC MONSTERS!”

Well I have lots of alts.

I deleted Eagleb. I …well, she wasn’t getting used, and I didn’t need her that much.

Oh, I also have a 73 DK named Balrial on WA.

I’m alive.

I’ve just not been blogging.

/signs off until next time I feel like posting something.

More Baby Paladin adventures

Why does everything strange happen to my baby paladin? Does she just attract it?

Mmm-hmmm, okay strange person.

Click to make BIGGER!

Have I missed something? Is it now considered cheating to use stuns and healing spells?
(I mean, come on, you used a potion and you’re a priest.)

….Alright. Whatever. Holy Paladin at low levels: Lawls, I’m the inveencible!… Except against packs of 5+gnolls/murlocs/anything that runs and gets more mobs

Insane PuGging

*has no good explanation for absence*

Shaniana met an insane PuG group today.

1 Worgen Warrior, 1 Night Elf Death Knight(tank), 1 Dwarf Hunter, 1 Human Paladin and Shani.

I zone in to an already in progress dungeon, sighing inside because that almost never ends well. I clicked on the DK to check his presence and.. he didn’t have one. Erm.

Understanding that I photoshop ftl, I started out everyone with black and a letter.

Blue P: Paladin is in Blue

Red DK: Death Knight is in Red

Brown W: Warrior is in Brown

Green H: Hunter is in green

the line inbetween Dk: In Combat and “Hold going out” is me saying “Er, you can switch in combat”


Stuff like this makes your healer die a little inside.

…I realize that to some of you, vote kicking may seem extreme. *coughakomarcough* But if you’re not going to admit you can switch presences in combat, and you “never do it that way”, you’re getting a vote kick your way.

*cry* Dk I refuse to heal you. I reserve the right to refuse healing to anyone like this. You never tank like that? I’m sorry, I don’t heal tanks like that. We eventually stuck the concept in his head that you can switch presences in combat after one more minute of arguing. The Paladin is to blame for that minute, as he said to let him try. His methods consisted of yelling obscenities at him. After that, the DK kept on going in and out of blood presence, and the Hunter continued to make snarky comments. We downed Hadronax without having him overwhelmed by buggies and dying without giving us credit. We easily cleared the trash after that, and after engaging Anub’arak… the paladin left. Randomly. No “have to go, guild needs my main”, or “shoot I need to go emergency”. Just *poof* and gone. Alright. Fine.

Yessssss. Blog post time… *watches downloader* oh, yeah, blog post.


Respec Druid, Shaman, Death Knight, Priest, Warlock, Hunter. Check other realms, respec paladin.


Druid: Feral/90%sure Resto. Although, I might just leave it blank or not log back on to my druid. She’s logged in Tree form, dancing with her tedrassil sproutling. Oh, who am I kidding, I love my druid, and I love healing and faceripping. Feral/Resto she is!

I’m going with this for feral and this for resto. Feral is focused more on leveling, while resto is still orientated towards healing groups, still. I’m going to grab furor as I level her in cata in resto– who could pass up 15% more mana?


Shaman: Resto/Something. Ehn has WOLVES. *cough* And she’s lost riptide to my great annoyance, because I was loving having a HoT to use on her.


Death Knight: Blood. She’s my RP char, and although I’ve moved a bit away from her blood-hysteria rage, I’ve been building towards having her get a bit more violent again, because frost and unholy is something the other 2 people are, and we don’t really WANT to switch. I love rune tap too much to give it up like that.


Priest: Lvl 8(or)13. PEW PEW LAZERS! I made the mistake of putting point in holy on my lvl 13 priest, but now she’s going to have lazers, and so will my lvl 8 priest when she gets to 10. Although furbolgs just LOVE to eat her.


Warlock: Always been a demonologist on her, and she’s staying that way. Felguard!


Hunter: Beast Mastery! MY hunter has always been BM and she’ll always be BM.


Paladin: Gosh, I think I have a paladin I’m not really sure, but she’s going to go healer or tank. Healer… and I’d have one alt of every healer… tank.. and I’d have a tank. I’ll think about it.


Everyone: Have fun with patch 4.01, but remember to mourn the trees!

Hate: OMG NO HEALS WHERE ARE THE HEALS OH GO— *fakedead* *mobs resist* *dead* Need…haelz… please…

Love: Haha, go Spect! (my ghostsaber kitty, full name Spectress) Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew wow 112dps at 32? Pew-pew-pew-pew-AGGRO-FD-Hahaha I don’t have to worry about anything. No tank/healer pressure or guilt, just Pew-pew-pew-pew-I think you get the idea.

Eagleb the hunter started as something for my sister, way back in the year 200X (where X>6 but <9). She was watching me shoot Wraths at bears, and she said she wanted a character. I shrugged, logged out, and took her to the character creation screen where we made a lil’ baby hunter that I never actually intended to play. A couple of years pass, and she’s sitting at level 30, dusty and fully rested. STV defeats 75% of all my characters. (Note: 86.9% of all statistics on blog are made up or are approximation.) So we went into STV and ran away crying, and that was it until the LFG tool came out. Now she’s 32 and a lot and I’m thinking she might make it farther, if only so I can tame a Devilsaur and name it ‘Omnomnivour’. Yes, Eagle has been BM from the start and I’m not changing her now. Rawr! -toddles off to read hunter blogs before remembering that I have an announcement-

I’m Exalted with Gnomergan!

*whirrr*  *clank*  *giggle*

I also have my mutant drake.


Catacylsm beta is supposedly… Soon™. Woooo I really hope I get in. -racks bruised brain for ideas- garble! UH… so hey, druids get some pretty cool quests with their bear, aquatic, and epic flight forms. Bear, we get a mini-one-way-only mage (Teleport:Moonglade). We also get to visit a bear spirit. That’s got to be one of the cooler quests for classes in WoW.The Shaman sidequests are also really cool, and I’ll probably do a write-up on them. BUT. Back to bear quest. We’re sent to and from quite a bit, but we also get to talk to a BEAR SPIRIT and have it tell us about strength and courage, and how bear form embodies strength, etc.

For the aquatic form, you have to gather flower-baubles from the lake and trek all the way down to WESTFALL to get a special half-a-pendant. Back in the days before this quest was no longer something you had to do and there was no boat to Stormwind (But I’ll still recommend doing it) you had to get to Ironforge and Stormwind by going through Menethil Harbor, running through the level 20-30 mobs to Ironforge, taking the tram to Stormwind, and then running to Westfall. You really needed an hour of your life set aside to do it. But it was crazy-fun to do. Of course, after you’d run your butt off, if you hadn’t grabbed the half-pendant from Darkshore you’d be facepalming. Luckily, I remembered. Fun times, really.

And ahhhhh, Epic Flight form quest, how I hate and love thee. It was… mildly annoying at first. “Go pick flowers” “Go get this moonstone” ‘EEEHEHEH GOBLIN STEAL MOONSTONE YOU FOLLOW AND GET BLOWN UP!’ Although… the goblin chase through Azshara was fun. “Go kill all the enslaved bird spirits.” Although that was after “Go to this tauren in Nagrand and tame a bird for her to carry messages”. Then I FINALLY got to kill the Raven Lord, Anzu. Oh yeah, I also had to mess around in the barrows. It was a freakishly long, love/hate quest chain. But dang, it was full of lore and I had fun with it.

April Fool’s, Blizzard style.

And now, screenshots of the jokes!

There was a thing where you had to  reassemble a bunch of letters into sentences, this is the results =D